Tree of Life is Dying at Animal Kingdom

Each Disney Park has an icon, something that is universally recognized as a symbol of that park. Magic Kingdom is Cinderella Castle, EPCOT is Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios is Tower of Terror, and Animal Kingdom is of course the Tree of Life. However, we just learned some incredibly sad news about the Tree of Life.

According to Disney, the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom is dying. In a statement from Disney, they said “It comes to us with great sadness that the iconic Tree of Life is dying. We are doing what we can to save it and revive it, however the future is not looking good for the world famous tree.”

Disney animal kingdom famous tree of life is dying
Animal Kingdom Tree of Life is dying

The Tree of Life made its debut in 1998 when Animal Kingdom opened its doors to the public. That means the Tree of Life has been at Animal Kingdom for over 24 years now! A tree that big is much older than 24 years. While we don’t know the exact age of the tree, we reached out to a world renowned tree expert. They estimated the tree’s age to be anywhere from 2000-2500 years old!

To get the Tree of Life to Animal Kingdom was a process. The tree is a 145 foot tall baobab tree. Disney shipped this tree in all the way from Africa on a boat and replanted it at Disney World. Unfortunately the tree has only lasted for 24 years at Disney.

Our tree expert suggests the Florida climate is not conducive for growing a baobab tree, especially when hurricanes as powerful as hurricane Ian tear through the area. They also mentioned that putting an attraction at the base of the tree harms the root growing process and is likely impacting its ability to grow.

Tree of life at animal kingdom is dying and disney is trying to save it
A look inside the tree of life. Photo via

We have an internal source at Disney familiar with the matter. They said that tree and wildlife experts are doing all that they can to revive the tree and save it. They are currently doing tests and have partnered with the USDA to treat the tree and hopefully save it. Unfortunately they are expecting the tree will die and Disney will have to dig it up and either replace it or leave the space empty.

This is extremely sad to see such an iconic piece of Animal Kingdom be in this position, especially given the age of the tree. We hope Disney is able to save it before it dies.

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4 months ago

You should really do a simple google search before you create and post such a false article. Do your research nitwit! The tree is 100% fake and built on an oil rig platform!