Tron Lightcycle Roller Coaster Opening Delayed Until 2024

Tron Roller Coaster Delayed Until 2024

Tron Lightcycle Power Run is the newest roller coaster coming to Disney World. It is located in the back of Tomorrowland, near Space Mountain. You can get the best view of the attraction’s construction from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover. The new attraction looks amazing and we cannot wait for it to open! Unfortunately though, we just got some bad news on the Tron Lightcycle opening date.

Tron Lightcycle requires many custom parts for the attraction, as do most roller coasters. Disney is having a hard time getting some of these custom parts due to supply chain issues as well as the chip shortage everyone in the world is facing. This attraction is very complex and requires computer chips that have only been made once before. Those chips were used for Tron Lightcycle at Shanghai Disney.

Disney Tron Lightcycle Roller Coaster Delayed Until 2024 due to chip shortage

According to insider information, these unique chips are extremely difficult to make and take nearly a year to fully assemble. During testing of the attraction, these chips malfunctioned, shorted out, and are no longer usable. Disney does not have any backup chips either. It’s too bad they didn’t take notes on Spaceship Earth and have a backup system. They assumed there would be no issues with these specific chips since they worked perfectly on the Shanghai version of the roller coaster.

The lack of having a backup system has forced Disney to delay the Tron Lightcycle Power Run opening to 2024. They will need almost a year to get more of these special chips made. Once they have the chips, they will need to go through all of their testing procedures again before they can safely open the attraction. All of this added up pushes the opening date into early 2024.

Tron lightcycle roller coaster concept art from disney
Tron coaster concept art. Photo via Disney

The attraction opening date has already been pushed back multiple times due to the parks shutting down for COVID-19 as well as other projects taking priority. The most recent anticipated opening date was in October 2022. That will no longer be an option with this new issue. It is sad to see such an amazing attraction’s opening be pushed back yet again. It makes you wonder if it will ever open. We will be sure to publish any updates as we get them.

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