Vicious Crocodile Attacks Boat on the Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise reopens after crocodile attacks boat

The Jungle Cruise is world famous for being world famous. The attraction became more famous when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt starred in the Jungle Cruise movie. Well, the ride is in the spotlight again, and this time not for the best reason. Yesterday, a vicious crocodile attacked a Jungle Cruise Boat mid-tour, and some passengers sustained serious injuries.

Crocodile attacks Jungle Cruise boat at Disney World
Scary moment as crocodile attacks Jungle Cruise boat at Disney World

For those not familiar, the Jungle Cruise has been entertaining guests since its debut in 1971. The ride takes visitors on a simulated river journey through exotic jungles filled with animatronic animals, lush vegetation, and various sights and sounds. With the help of a witty and pun-loving skipper, visitors can enjoy a fun and immersive experience that transports them to another world. 

Sometimes, however, Disney rides go from fun to a nightmare. As we recently reported here, a man lost his hands on Space Mountain. Now the ride will operate with the lights on. That’s exactly what happened with the Jungle Cruise when the crocodile attacked the boat. This attack may change the future of the Jungle Cruise forever.

What Happened With The Accident on The Jungle Cruise?

Yesterday, one of the boats on the Jungle Cruise was heading toward Schweitzer Falls, which is named after the famous explorer Dr. Albert Falls. According to a passenger on the boat at the time, there were two crocodiles off on the right side of the boat, apparently named Smiley and Ginger. They said the crocodiles were just sitting in the sun, then all of a sudden, one of them got into the water and swam at the boat.

Jungle Cruise boat attacked by crocodile
Jungle Cruise boat attacked by a crocodile. Photo via: Kimberley German

After approaching the boat, Ginger climbed into it. After all, the water is shallow and the boats are close to the water. Ginger snapped and began to viciously attack some of the guests inside the boat. The other guests quickly stepped in to fight it off and get it back into the water. As soon as the crocodile was back in the water, the boat sped off. This was no laughing matter.

According to the reports, the skipper immediately radioed into the headquarters, warning other skippers of the incident. All boat rides were temporarily suspended and the Jungle Cruise was promptly evacuated, which is very rare. Medics rushed to the boat as it was being evacuated to treat the people who were attacked. A few of them suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.

Will The Jungle Cruise Remain Open?

After the accident, Disney closed The Jungle Cruise for the rest of the day. According to an internal source, the crocodile that attacked the boat returned to their spot on the shore where they usually sit. While this was a freak accident, it raises some concerns for guest safety on the ride.

Jungle Cruise reopens after crocodile attacks boat
Jungle Cruise reopens after crocodile attacks boat. Photo via

Disney did reopen the Jungle Cruise today and it was normal operations. The crocodile that attacked the boat remained on the attraction. According to one of Disney’s animal handlers, this is a very rare incident and will likely never happen again. After all, the Jungle Cruise has operated for 50 years without an incident like this. They do not expect it to happen again.

What do you think of this crocodile attack on the Jungle Cruise? Are you afraid to ride the attraction now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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