All Disney Restaurants Will Serve the Exact Same Food Items

Disney restaurants will only offer 8 menu items

Disney World is home to more than 200 restaurants. It’s a theme park, but it can also be a dining experience. This is why Disney recently announced the no-ride ticket option where you can dine, drink, and shop. You can read that story here. However, a big change is coming to Disney dining. Disney World is standardizing its food menu across all parks. Because of this, all Disney restaurants will serve the exact same food items.

Disney World standardizing food menu across all restaurants
Disney World is standardizing the food menus across all restaurants. Photo via DFBGuide YouTube

It’s not rare for someone to go to Disney just for the food. The wide variety of options can be appealing. For breakfast, you can have crepes in France. Then lunch can be teriyaki chicken in Tokyo. Lastly, dinner can be Tacos in Mexico. Not to mention the snacks thrown in. However, a wide variety of food options causes multiple problems.

Why is Disney World Standardizing Food Options?

There are two factors leading to Disney standardizing its food options. The first and smaller reason is supply chain issues. While the pandemic is over, industries are still experiencing supply chain issues. How often do you go to a restaurant and they are out of a menu item? This isn’t exclusive to fast food or sit-down restaurants. Disney is experiencing this too. Many Disney restaurants are struggling to offer many items due to supply chain issues.

Disney restaurants will only offer 8 menu items
Disney restaurants will only offer 8 menu items. Photo via

The other problem is because of guests. Oftentimes guests are overwhelmed by the number of choices on a menu at Disney. Especially since every restaurant is different. If you go to McDonald’s, you usually know what you want and can order in a minute. However, Disney is different. Each menu is unique and special and this causes a lot of problems.

A wide variety of menu items can be good, however, it can also lead to indecisions and long waits for food. Going to Disney restaurants, especially quick service, the lines are longer than ever. Guests have too many options to choose from, which creates a longer decision-making process. This, combined with ongoing staffing issues, causes long waits for food, thus having a negative impact on the guest experience.

What Will The Standardized Menu at Disney Restaurants be?

Disney will offer the same 8 food options at every dining establishment on the property. This includes quick service, all the way to sit-down locations that require reservations. This standard menu will help guests make easier and faster decisions. Disney is all about efficiency and guest experience, which is why they are working on that mind-controlling patent we reported on here.

First look at Disney's new standardized food menu
First look at Disney’s new standardized food menu. Photo via

As you can partially see above, the standardized menu will include pulled pork, bacon cheeseburgers, greek salad, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, tacos, and ribs. Disney will also only offer french fries or sliced apples as a side. These items were chosen based on a survey of 10,000 Disney World parkgoers, to create the optimal standardized menu.

While this menu feels limiting, it will theoretically enhance the guest experience. Disney will still offer their famous snacks. This includes Mickey Bars, dole whip, turkey legs, and more. However, all restaurants on Disney World property will offer the same 8 menu items. Yes, this standardized menu will replace every menu, including every country around World Showcase in EPCOT.

What do you think of Disney World’s new standard food options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sandra Cannon
Sandra Cannon
8 months ago

No reason to go to Epcot then