Disney Files for New Mind Controlling Patent

Disney World can use new mind control patent to control crowds

Disney spends billions of dollars every year on new technologies. Many of these technologies never come to fruition. However, they spend a lot of money on R&D with the hopes of improving the guest experience inside their parks. Now, Disney has just filed for a new mind controlling patent and it seems to be extremely controversial.

Disney Patent for roller coaster that jumps track
Disney had recently filed a patent for a roller coaster that jumps track

Every time Disney files for a patent, they break into the news. For example, we reported here that Disney filed a patent for a roller coaster that jumps the track. Jimmy Fallon even talked about this in one of his monologues. However, it’s worth noting that filing for a patent doesn’t mean it will happen. It only provides Disney protection if they choose to implement it. In fact, many of Disney’s patents end up going nowhere beyond the filing.

When Disney spends millions of dollars on research and development for new technologies, they want to protect them. That is why oftentimes they file the patent for new technologies but never use them. They want exclusivity for the technology because they spent the time, money, and resources developing them. However, with this new mind controlling patent, we wouldn’t be surprised if Disney actually implements this.

What is Disney’s Mind Controlling Patent?

Disney filed for the new mind control patent this morning. Here is a blurb from the patent, “A method of facilitating decisions based on artificial intelligence suggestions. This device can be used to provide stimulation to the brain. The sensors in a wrist accessory connect to the brain through waves. Signals are sent to alter the subconscious of the user.”

First look at new Disney mind controling patent
First look at the new Disney mind controlling patent

We reached out to one of the nation’s top neurological scientists to explain this patent to us using normal terms. Here is what they said. “This patent is for technology that influences the subconscious of a person wearing a special band on their wrist. Given Disney’s history of using MagicBands, it appears they are talking about a similar device. However, this device would send signals through your arm.”

The neuroscientist went on to say, “It appears Disney has a proprietary technology that can alter one’s subconscious and influence their decisions without them realizing it. There are a few highly secretive labs across the United States studying mind control right now and Disney is likely partnering with one of those labs.” They further mentioned, “In the patent, Disney can use AI technology to suggest to a guest’s subconscious, which rides to go on next. For the user of this technology, they feel like they made that decision on their own, which is cool.”

Why Would Disney Use This Technology?

The answer is simple, crowd control. It’s the same reason Disney requires park reservations and limits Park Hopping. The better Disney can control the crowds, the more efficient their theme parks will be and the more money they can make. This helps them better staff their parks and also allows them to generate more money. 

Disney World can use new mind control patent to control crowds
Disney World can use a new mind control patent to control crowds

We recently did a groundbreaking investigation and found out that Disney pays people to stand in lines. You can read that article here. Disney used this to make more money by getting people to buy Lightning Lane and Genie+. That is one side of the coin. The other side is Disney doesn’t want people waiting in long lines because it means less time shopping and buying food, which means less money.

This appears to be the main reason for this new mind controlling patent Disney filed. Disney wants to be able to more closely control the crowds and decisions guests make. If a ride’s wait time is low, Disney can use this new technology to suggest to a guest’s subconscious to go on that ride. What is neat, according to our neuroscientist, is that the guest will feel like they made the decision on their own, thus it won’t lead to dissatisfaction. Also, these suggestions are based on artificial intelligence, which will provide the best suggestion possible.

What Would Implementation of This Patent Look Like?

It’s our best guess that implementation of this new mind reading patent at Disney World or Disneyland would not happen for years. According to our neuroscientist, this technology is still actively being worked on and is far from perfect. They said Disney filed the patent to protect from potential infringement on this groundbreaking technology.

Disney facial recognition used for new mind reading patent
Facial recognition is likely being used by Disney for a new mind reading patent

A few months ago we reported here that Disney was using facial recognition to study behavior in the parks. We are guessing they are using this research to help optimize their artificial intelligence. With that being said, it will take Disney a while to use this data and optimize the artificial intelligence for the guests.

In terms of actual use, we don’t know if Disney would require guests to wear these bands or if it would be optional. My Genie Day is an option guests can use if they want. We would expect at least initially, this would be optional as well for those who want help planning their day. Except, in this case, they wouldn’t need an app. They would walk through the park like normal and have their subconscious influenced by the special AI MagicBand. Every decision made would feel like their own and they would likely not experience any disappointment because of it. This is a win-win for Disney and the guest.

What do you think of Disney’s new mind-reading patent? Would you wear this special MagicBand inside Disney World to help optimize your day? Let us know in the comments below!

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