BREAKING: Smoking Now Allowed on All Disney World Rides

New Disney smoking rules on ride

A recent breaking news announcement by Disney World is stunning visitors. Disney announced smoking will now be allowed on all rides at Disney World. The new policy, which is effective immediately, will allow guests to smoke on any attraction in the park. Some have praised the move as a way to give guests more freedom, while others are concerned about the impact on non-smokers and children.

New Disney smoking rules on ride
New Disney smoking rules on their rides

Disney World has long had a strict no-smoking policy in place, with designated smoking areas set up throughout the park. However, the new policy will allow guests to smoke on any ride they choose, including roller coasters, water rides, theater shows, and even the iconic it’s a small world ride.

Disney’s Controversial No Smoking Rule Change

Many visitors to Disney World have expressed outrage at the new smoking policy, citing health concerns and the impact on non-smokers. Some have even called for a boycott of Disney. A petition has already garnered thousands of signatures, with many calling for Disney to reverse its decision. One outraged guest said, “Think about the children. Disney is a place for families to enjoy, not a bar.”

Disney Website changes no smoking policy to allow smoking on rides
Disney Website changes no smoking policy to allow smoking on rides

Others, however, have welcomed the new policy as a way to allow guests more freedom. “I think it’s great that Disney is finally letting us smoke on rides,” said one park visitor. “It’s always been such a hassle having to leave the ride to have a cigarette. Now I can just light up whenever I want. It makes Living With the Land far more relaxing.”

Disney was hard against smoking for many years. They made it especially difficult for smokers to be able to do so. Reducing the number of smoking areas inside their theme parks was a big hit to the smoking community. However, Disney wants to find more ways to appeal to a wide variety of guests. For example, adding a Tower of Terror bungee jumping experience as we reported here to cater to thrill seekers. Also, potentially allowing carry-in alcohol as a way to be more adult-friendly.

The Impact on Non-Smokers

One of the biggest concerns about the new policy is its impact on non-smokers, particularly children. Many worry that secondhand smoke on rides could be harmful and ruin the experience for those who do not smoke. This is clearly a valid concern and something many guests already expressed to us.

Smoking is now allowed on all rides at Disney World
Smoking is now allowed on all rides at Disney World. This decision comes with mixed reactions

Disney World has responded to these concerns by stating that smoking will only be allowed in the last row of each ride vehicle and that guests will be required to sit in designated smoking seats. Disney also promised to increase the number of smoking areas throughout the park to accommodate those who choose not to smoke on rides, but still need to smoke. This is a wild reverse from what they decided years ago when they reduced the number of smoking areas.

The new policy has left many wondering what the future holds for smoking at Disney World. Will smoking be allowed in restaurants? Will it be allowed in hotel rooms? Only time will tell. For now, they are standing by their decision to allow smoking on rides, citing the need to give guests more freedom and flexibility. Whether the move will be a success remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Disney World visitors are in for a unique experience on their next visit to the park.

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