Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure Ride Replacing DINOSAUR

DINOSAUR closing permanently to make way for new Cars ride

Animal Kingdom is currently suffering in many ways. Hours are short, attendance is down, rides are broken, and more. That’s why we reported here the rumors that Animal Kingdom may be closing permanently. Despite that news, Disney is closing one of the most loved rides at Animal Kingdom, DINOSAUR. It is set to be replaced with a new ride, Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure.

DINOSAUR closing permanently to make way for new Cars ride
DINOSAUR is closing permanently to make way for a new Cars ride. Photo via Disney

We mentioned above that the rides at Animal Kingdom are broken. One example of that is the Yeti animatronic on Expedition Everest. In fact, Disney will be removing that animatronic as we reported here. That’s been a long-time issue facing that ride. DINOSAUR is the other attraction at Animal Kingdom that continues to break down and have issues, which is why it will be closing permanently and is being replaced.

DINOSAUR Closing for New Cars Ride

What ride breaks down the most at Animal Kingdom? None other than DINOSAUR. Aside from that, many of the animatronics on the ride are either removed or broken. There continue to be many problems haunting the ride. In fact, it’s gotten to a point that even the biggest fans of the ride are ready for something new. It’s certainly a shame, but people are ready to put DINOSAUR out of its misery for good.

Tractor Tipping Adventure replacing DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom
Tractor Tipping Adventure replacing DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom

There has been speculation for months as to what will replace DINOSAUR in Animal Kingdom. Would it be a retheme like Test Track? A brand new ride? What will the ride be based on? Many people were speculating about a Zootopia ride to replace DINOSAUR, which makes sense with the Zootopia Land coming to Disneyland Shanghai. However, we just confirmed that a Cars-themed ride will be replacing DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom.

The announcement of Cars Tractor Tipping replacing DINOSAUR has guests stunned but not disappointed. No one was speculating that a Cars-themed ride would find its way into Animal Kingdom, especially because gas-burning cars and the environmentalism idea of Animal Kingdom clash. But, it’s happening! The Cars movies continue to be some of the top movies on Disney+. Also, Radiator Springs Racers is one of the most popular rides at Disneyland. Replacing DINOSAUR with a Cars ride makes sense, but it is sad Dr. Seeker will finally be retiring.

Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure Details

While nothing is final, we have some details on the new Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure. This ride will follow the same track DINOSAUR does now and use the same ride vehicles, but with a new theme. The Cars ride will not be a brand new ride, but rather a retheme of the existing ride. This begs the question, will it continue to break down frequently?

Outrun Frank in the new Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure
Outrun Frank in the new Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure. Photo via David Yeh

The premise of Cars Tractor Tipping, is you sneak out at night with Lightning McQueen and Mater to do some tractor tipping. It starts out as fun, but things quickly go wrong. Lightning McQueen revs his engine a bit too loud and wakes up Frank, the combine harvester. This is when it gets intense, as Frank begins chasing you. Now you, Lightning, and Mater need to outrun Frank and make it back safely to Radiator Springs.

This will be an exhilarating ride full of twists, turns, and unexpected moments. In fact, Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure will have similar moments to Radiator Springs Racers, especially when you go tractor tipping on that ride. However, this new ride will be entirely focused on tractor tipping, making it far more thrilling. There is no set date for DINOSAUR closing, however, we expect it to happen sometime in 2023. There is also no information yet on when the new Cars ride will open.

What do you think of the new Cars Tractor Tipping Adventure ride? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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