Disney World Test Track Will be Rethemed to Original Ride

Guests are excited for Test Track to return to the original ride from 1999

Test Track opened at EPCOT on March 17, 1999. It was an immediate smash hit. Millions of people came to see it. The ride had a compelling story and the perfect amount of thrill. However, Disney lost the sponsorship from GM. They closed the ride in 2012, rethemed it, and reopened it, with Chevrolet as the sponsor later that year. Now, the ride is closing again and will be rethemed back to the original ride.

Disney World Test Track closing and will be rethemed to the original ride
Disney World Test Track is closing and will be rethemed to the original ride. Photo via Disney

The reason for the Test Track retheme back in 2012 was directly related to the new sponsor. Chevy wanted the ride to get a futuristic facelift. Disney obliged and made a terribly rethemed ride. In fact, statistically speaking, it’s the second worst retheme that Disney has ever done. The worst retheme is of course Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Well, luckily, this awful Tron-looking retheme will be reverting back to the original and well-loved Test Track. In fact, they will even bring back the original pre-show video for the attraction.

Original Test Track Returning

For those not familiar, the original theming for Test Track had guests experiencing the testing stages of a car. This included the hill climb, bumpy roads, brake test, crash test, and more. It truly felt like you were on the test track for a new car. Also, the queue was full of crash test dummies, all to build up the theming and idea behind the ride. Test Track 1.0 was a great attraction.

Test Track 1.0 making official return to Disney World
Test Track 1.0 making official return to Disney World. Photo via Disney

Then came along Test Track 2.0. This attraction was met with serious disappointment. The track layout would remain the same. However, Disney teased that the guests would design their own cars. But that was a huge flop. The car design is cool the first few times, but quickly turns into a hassle more than a benefit. Also, the theming of the ride inside is lame. It looks like an off-brand Tron ride and everyone knows it. The ride essentially lost theming, a story, and now is just a dark ride with some neon lights.

Clearly, there is a significant difference between the original Test Track and Test Track 2.0. For years, guests have been complaining about the new ride and how disappointing it is. Now, Disney is finally listening to their guests by retheming Test Track back to the original attraction. The good news is, the Test Track closure should remain reasonably short.

Test Track 2023 Refurbishment Closure

Test Track is set to close at the end of June. It will undergo a yearlong retheme back to the original attraction. According to an internal source, Disney kept most of the props from the original ride. This helps speed up the retheme. They will be able to go to storage and get the pieces from Test Track 1.0 and easily fix the ride back to the original one. Let’s just hope no one steals any of these Test Track cars as we reported here.

Guests are excited for Test Track to return to the original ride from 1999
Guests are excited for Test Track to return to the original ride from 1999. Photo via Disney

Some people argue it feels like Disney is going back in time by retheming back to an original attraction. While they are not wrong, this is what people want. In fact, a trip to Disney brings a sense of nostalgia to many people. The continued effort to ruin well-loved and well-known attractions certainly turns guests away. It’s no surprise Disney is bringing Lights Motors Action and the Studio Backlot Tour back as we reported here. It’s the nostalgic Disney that people like.

Those who support the change, mentioned they are most excited about the return of the hot and cold chambers and the world-famous quote, “Did you remember to turn off those robots?” It’s moments like these that make Disney fans smile. Bringing back classic moments like that to Disney parks is what people want. In fact, we expect Disney to continue to bring back nostalgic pieces of their parks like this.

What do you think of Disney World closing Test Track and retheming it to the original ride? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Martin Wells
Martin Wells
11 months ago

Ron DeSantis will be the first rider.

6 months ago

Oh my goodness, those lines in this article are exactly what we’ve been saying since we experienced that horrid redo in January 2013. Jaw-droppingly horrible, and we could never understand why they took away such a fascinating in-line-entertainment area, so hope they are bringing that back too. 🙂