Controversial Furry Day Coming to Disney World in June

Fury Day coming to Disney World in June

Celebrations at Disney World are always ongoing. From Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party beginning in June to a nearly two-year-long 50th anniversary celebration, Disney is always celebrating something. The reason for this is quite obvious, it generates more money. They sucker people into buying stuff and visiting the parks for these events. Furry Day is the newest event just announced for Disney World, coming in June. 

Furry Day coming to Disney World in June
First ever Furry Day coming to Disney World in June. Photo via

In case you live under a rock, June is pride month. The month when companies go out of their way to put the rainbow on everything and make a quick buck. Also, Disney World is replacing all American Flags with pride flags as we reported here. However, pride doesn’t just extend to the self-identified LGBT community, there are far more communities involved. Furries often celebrate their pride in June as well. This makes it the perfect month for Furry Day at Disney World.

Furries Taking Over Disney World

You might be asking, what is a furry? That’s a reasonable question as this is a fairly new cultural trend and is quite controversial. Essentially, the furry fandom is made up of people who are interested in anthropomorphic animals. In English, they are people who like animals that exhibit human traits. Disney is focusing on the part of the community that dresses up as animals and walks around. They don’t look like normal animals, but rather very cartoonish versions of them. It’s like Halloween year-round for furries and they also really get into character versus dressing like Mickey Mouse for one night.

Furries will take over Magic Kingdom in June for new pride month celebration
Furries will take over Magic Kingdom in June for a new pride month celebration. Photo via DSC_8867 on Flikr

Naturally, Disney is embracing the furry community, despite the many controversies around them. Disney will celebrate furries with Furry Day, this June. On Furry Day, guests are welcomed and encouraged to dress as a furry and spend the day at Magic Kingdom. Disney will even have “treats” for the furries. They will mimic animal treats, but be consumable by humans since they are humans acting as animals. Usually, dressing like this isn’t allowed at Disney World due to their costume policy.

The worst part about Furry Day is it will take place during normal operations. This means that families trying to enjoy their day at Magic Kingdom will be disturbed by all of the furries walking around. You may ask, why is it so bad if some people wear animal costumes around Disney World? We will get to that. However, for those who want to go to Furry Day, there will be no additional fee outside of the park ticket. However, Disney will sell Furry Day merchandise to make a quick buck off of furries.

Disney World Furry Day Controversy

As noted, furries are sometimes seen as weird. The reason for this is most people don’t role-play as animals year-round. However, the biggest reason for the controversy is the fetish involved with the furry community. It tends to be a highly sexualized lifestyle, involving role play and characters. This is especially problematic at Disney World given it’s a place for families and kids.

Disney World Furry Day creates lots of controversy
Disney World Furry Day creates lots of controversy. Photo via AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

We reached out to a few people on both sides of the issue. A mom of three kids said “I don’t want adults with a weird animal fetish around my kids. Come as yourself, not as an animal.” On the other hand, a self-identified furry said “It’s nice to be celebrated for once and not be shamed for who we are and what we do. It’s great Disney is embracing our culture.” Clearly, there are strong opinions on both sides.

This is certainly controversial for Disney to have a day dedicated to the Furry community. While it’s seen as an effort to be inclusive, it’s also obvious that this is a way for Disney to generate additional revenue from a specific group. Only time will tell how this special event will go over. However, we expect a lot of backlash over the next few days following this announcement.

What do you think of a Furry Day at Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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John Williams
John Williams
5 months ago

I was going to take my grandkids to Disney but now I’ll take them to Seaworld

Al Williams
Al Williams
5 months ago

I’m done with Disney- was going to take my grandkids there but not now

Parent Material
Parent Material
4 months ago

Ah, the comments below. You really don’t know much about furries and have highly misrepresented them here. That makes your article come off as pretty bias.

No, furries don’t have a “Pride” day they celebrate. They’re not using litter boxes in schools. They don’t identify as animals.

Many people in the furry community identify as LGBT, THAT is what they’re celebrating in June. Same as any other person in the LGBT community. Yes, there are fetishes, but go to any pride parade or Mardi Gras and you’ll see the same. Any bra advertisement, any ad directed at men in general, fetisization is everywhere.

Furries are anthropomorphic animals no different than Bluey or Tigger. Most furries are furries BECAUSE of anthropomorphized disney cartoons as they were kids. The lion King, Fox in the hound, robin hood.. as they got older they made their own characters that reflected their personalities more and that’s what the suits are. Just mascot suits of the character they created.

Furries are increasingly common in the younger generation right now. As a responsible parent I’ve made sure to be involved with my kid’s interests and presence in their communities. I’ve gone to the conventions, I’ve been on the websites, I’ve mingled in the community. It’s a great way younger kids are expressing their creativity through costume designing and art and characters that can express things you normally can’t with humanoids. (I want dog ears! I want to wag a tail! They’re so cute! I like cats, I wish I could be a cute cat too. I want to be a cool dinosaur monster!”)

While I would warn anyone to make sure the correct filters are applied ONLINE, generally in person, the fandom is fun, inclusive and family friendly. The community is VERY against people that put a bad name to them and those people will often get shunned and banned from events.

The most unrealistic part of this is furries spending any amount of time at a theme park in costume and not sweating to death int he Florida sun.

Vivian Scott
Vivian Scott
1 month ago

I know, RIGHT? I don’t understand! I have a tiger fursuit myself!

Vivian Scott
Vivian Scott
1 month ago

Ya’ll are bots. I’m a furry and don’t see the f**king issue.

Ryan Alri
Ryan Alri
26 days ago

this is real and confirmed by snopes dot com guys