Disney Announces ‘Pixar Prison’ – Camp for Misbehaving Kids

Pixar Prison allows parents to drop their kids off and enjoy Disney parks alone

Disney World is known for its family-friendly environment. However, a long trip to Disney World can be exhausting for both kids and parents. In fact, Disney trips are known to cause serious family feuds. Because of this, sometimes kids can get out of hand and start to misbehave. Luckily, Disney just unveiled plans for ‘Pixar Prison’, a camp for misbehaving kids.

Pixar Prison, a new camp to help kids behave, coming to Disney
Pixar Prison, a new camp to help kids behave, is coming to Disney World

In a surprising move, Disney has announced the grand opening of a revolutionary children’s camp designed exclusively for misbehaving kids. Pixar Prison is for exhausted parents who have had enough of their children’s bad behavior. With the tagline “A Place to Play and Learn Some Manners,” this camp is set to change the game of parenting forever. However, this is not related to the prison replacing the Starcruiser, which we reported on here.

Announcement of Disney Pixar Prison

Gone are the days of parents suffering through tantrums and meltdowns at Disney World. With the addition of Pixar Prison, they can drop their kids off at this new camp and enjoy a peaceful day for themselves. The idea behind Pixar Prison is simple but ingenious. It features attractions that combine fun and discipline to teach kids important life lessons. In fact, upon entering the park, children are issued their own personalized inmate jumpsuits, complete with their names.

Pixar Prison allows parents to drop their kids off and enjoy Disney parks alone
Pixar Prison allows parents to drop their kids off and enjoy Disney parks alone. Photo via Disney/Pixar

Parents can rest easy knowing that the camp has highly trained cast members who ensure their kid’s safety and engagement throughout the day. The park’s strict security measures and surveillance systems guarantee a safe environment where children can learn and grow. While some may question the ethics of a camp solely dedicated to disciplining children, Disney defends the concept. In fact, they claim it’s a unique approach to teaching kids valuable life lessons in a fun and interactive way. 

Pixar Prison is set to open its gates in the near future. Parents are stoked to have a place to send their kids while they enjoy the Disney World theme parks. It does sound weird to have parents enjoy the Disney parks while they ship their kids off to a camp. However, many parents were excited about this. In fact, it’s much better than being forced to put their kids on leashes as we reported here.

Pixar Prison Teaching Moments

Pixar Prison also offers a range of exciting and educational attractions. These are intended to teach the kids how to behave in a fun way. One of the main attractions will be “Discipline Dungeon”. This is a great experience where kids learn about consequences. Here, misbehaving children go through a series of obstacle courses. They will learn the importance of following rules and respecting others. In fact, if they fail to complete a task or break a rule, they face “Time-Out Towers”. There they must sit and reflect on their actions.

Get your kids in shape with Disney's new Pixar Prison
Get your kids in shape with Disney’s new Pixar Prison. Photo via tmd.texas.gov

For kids who have trouble listening to their parents, the “Listening Lab” helps with that. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this attraction simulates situations where children must pay attention to instructions. It’s an immersive learning environment where kids can improve their listening skills and discover the benefits of active communication. But it’s not all about discipline and behavior correction. 

In the “Creativity Corner,” kids can participate in workshops led by Disney animators. They can learn to draw their favorite Pixar and Disney characters or create their own animated short films. Additionally, the “Character Clinic” is a place to interact with Disney characters who specialize in teaching values like honesty, kindness, and empathy. Through engaging in activities and role-playing, kids can learn the importance of good manners and treating others with respect.

What do you think of Disney World’s bold move with the introduction of Pixar Prison? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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