Disney Launching Own Version of Pokémon Go, Disney Character Quest

Disney Character Quest

Pokémon Go took the world by storm when it came out. It took the fun of Pokémon and made it a real life interactive game. It continues to be one of the most popular apps on the app store of all time, leading in downloads and usage. Disney is getting in on the fun and launching their own Disney version of Pokémon Go!

Disney Character Quest is a brand new game that will be launching on the Apple and Google app stores in early 2023. The premise of the game will be very similar to Pokémon Go. It will be an augmented reality (AR) game where users can go around their area and discover Disney characters and build up a huge collection.

Disney launching Disney Character Quest, a direct competitor to pokemon go
Disney launching AR app similar to Pokemon Go. Photo via Disney

The goal is to walk around the real world find Disney characters like you would at the Disney parks, and see how many you can find. With each character you see, you get their autograph as well as a 3D model of the character on your phone. You can then show off all of your characters to your friends and family through an in app social sharing function.

Much like Pokémon Go, you will not be able to add every character you come across to add to your collection. Sometimes when you approach a character, they leave right before you are able to get their signature and add them to your collection. This keeps the game exciting and adds a small element of chance and luck to it.

Disney launching pokemon go app
Photo via Pokemon Go

There will also be different levels of rarities for characters. For example, Mickey Mouse in his standard costume will be very common. However, Mickey can also be found in his Halloween costume, which is extra rare and his Sorcerer’s costume, which is rare. On top of this there are also characters that are extremely rare to find in general.

Disney Character Quest will emulate being at the Disney Parks and seeing your favorite characters. You don’t always know what character will be where and when. It’s that exciting chance of collecting Disney autographs and finding your favorite characters and even some rare ones.

Disney Character Quest
Disney Character Quest unofficial logo

As a way to encourage players of the game to visit the parks, Disney will have legendary characters in the game that can only be found inside of the Disney Parks on the app. These characters will be chasers that if you want them, you will have to be in the right place at the right time, but you know they can only be found in Disney Parks. This will add to the fun of being at a Disney Park when you have the game because while you are waiting in line, maybe an ultra rare character will pop up in front of you!

We are very excited for Disney Character Quest. This is another big push by the Disney Company to celebrate their 100th anniversary and we expect the game to be around for a while. This sounds like an awesome app Disney is developing and we expect it to take the app store by storm. What do you think of this new AR Disney game?

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