Disney Parks Game Show in Development

Disney X Games gameshow at Disney Parks

Wipeout and Holey Moley are two of the funniest and most entertaining game shows on TV. Nothing is better or funnier than watching people get smacked by obstacles and falling down. Those two shows have some of the highest TV ratings amongst game shows, which is why Disney is creating their own version for Disney+.

New game show coming to disney world will be like wipeout and holey moley combined
Wipeout style game show show coming to Disney Parks. Photo via ABC

Going to Disney Parks isn’t always considered a relaxing vacation. Most people put on 15,000 to as many as 30,000 steps or more in one day. It can be extremely exhausting. Not only do you walk a lot, there are many obstacles to avoid like strollers, people, balloons, trolley tracks, and much more. Disney knows these are big obstacles, which is the foundation of their new game show.

In the new Disney Parks game show, Disney X Games, contestants go head to head competing in Disney Park based contests. The game show will push the contestants to their physical limits as they compete to be the best at navigating Disney Parks. There will be multiple games that contestants go head to head on.

Disney parks game show, Disney X Games will have a wide variety of game shows
Disney X Games new game show will have many different challenges. Photo via magicguides.com

Here are some of the games we know about so far. First is the Stroller Sprint. This is where contestants push a stroller through obstacles that are there to trip them and knock them off their feet. There will also be the Crowd Dodger, where they have to dodge strollers rolling at them. These will be like Wipeout, but with strollers.

We also know about the Rope Drop Dash where contests have to walk, not run, to a specified attraction and be the first on the ride. One more game we know about so far is Lost Child Chase. In this game, contestants have “lost a child” in the park. They have to be the first to locate their child to win, avoiding the many obstacles in their way.

Rope Drop Dash is part of the new disney parks game show airing on disney+
Rope Drop Dash will be a challenge in the new game show. Photo via DisneyFoodBlog.com

Disney X Games will be filmed inside of various Disney theme parks around the world. They will do a world tour with this show, highlighting their theme parks across different countries. Each Disney theme park will have an episode. We anticipate the episodes will start at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. We then expect filming to move to all 4 Florida theme parks.

The prize for the winners will be a Disney Annual Pass for one year for them and up to 3 guests. The final episode of the year will feature all of the winners from the previous episodes to face off for the season grand prize, which is a Club 33 membership at Disney World for 10 years! That is a $200,000+ value! Disney will also give them an option to continue to renew it once their 10 years are up at a discounted rate. Club 33 memberships are extremely rare, so this is an amazing prize.

New Disney parks game show Disney X Games will exclusively air on Disney+
Disney+ will air Disney X Games in 2023. Photo via insidethemagic.net

This sounds like an incredible game show and we can’t wait for it to air. We will keep you updated with information on how to sign up to be on Disney X Games. We expect Disney will be looking for the biggest Disney Parks fans for the show, so if this is you, be sure to subscribe to our emails to stay up to date for more information. Would you be on a Disney Parks game show? Let us know in the comments below!

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