Disney Pop Up Theme Parks Coming to The United States

Disney World Pop Up Theme Parks

Disney World and Disneyland are the only two Disney parks in the United States. Disneyland is in Anaheim, California, while Disney World is in Orlando, Florida. If you want the Disney experience you have to travel to one of those parks. Soon Disney will offer a brand new way to experience their theme parks across the US.

Disney pop up theme park experience to go across United States in 2024
Disney prepping for pop up theme park experience in 2024. Photo via Disney

In 2024, Disney will offer a Pop Up Theme Park experience called Walt Disney World’s Fair, which will travel across the United States. This will be much like Pixar Putt, which is an awesome Pixar theme mini golf experience that has been traveling around the US. Disney launched Pixar Putt in the summer of 2021 and it is still going strong through fall of 2022. It is clearly very popular.

The Disney Theme Park Pop Up experience will be similar to a carnival or county fair that moves across the country. It will be made up of Disney rides, restaurants, and shops. We do not know all of the rides, restaurants, and shops that will be represented in this new Disney pop up theme park, however we have some insider information on a few prospects.

Disney pop up theme park traveling across the US in 2024
Disney Pop Up theme park will travel across the US. Photo of Disney preparing for this new theme park via @coastercrew Twitter

According to our insider information, Disney is planning on Carousel of Progress and it’s a small world being two of the attractions. Both of those attractions made their debut at different World’s Fairs, so it is only fitting these attractions are a part of the Walt Disney World’s Fair pop up theme park. They also mentioned a smaller version of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will likely be one of the attractions.

From a restaurant standpoint, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is one of the potential restaurants. Disney is also actively looking at 50’s Prime Time Cafe as a restaurant for their pop up theme park. In terms of shopping, Disney will replicate the Emporium from Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. This is one of the biggest stores and sells the most merchandise, which is why Disney will be adding that to the pop up theme park.

Walt disney World's Fair disney pop up theme park poster
Official Walt Disney World’s Fair Pop Up Theme Park Poster

Entry into Walt Disney World’s Fair pop up theme park will cost $119 per adult and $89 per child under 14. This price isn’t terrible when compared to the current prices for Disney World and Disneyland, however this is a limited Disney parks experience compared to the real parks.

Final dates and locations are yet to be announced for this new event. We know it will debut sometime in 2024 and will likely run for at least a year, likely more. We do know that the pop up theme parks will be in each city for a month long stretch, then it will move on to the next location. Some of the confirmed locations for the new Disney World’s Fair theme park include New York, Chicago, Nashville, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

There are many more details yet to come, but we are very excited about this! Finally many people will be able to go to a Disney park without getting on a plane or driving hours. Are you excited for this new Disney theme park pop up experience? What cities do you hope Disney visits? Let us know in the comments below!

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