Disney Will Now Require Proof of COVID Vaccination 2023

Disney requiring COVID passports effective immediately

Remember the good ol’ days of showing COVID-19 vaccination cards in order to get into places? Some might remember this, while others were lucky enough to never experience that. Doing that may feel like forever ago, but in reality, it was happening in the last 1-2 years. However, at Disney World, proof of COVID Vaccination is making a return this year, in 2023.

Disney requiring COVID passports effective immediately
Disney now requires proof of COVID vaccination in 2023

Visiting Disney World during the height of COVID was quite an exciting time. The crowd levels were light, the wait times were down, and you weren’t jam-packed into every ride and room. Luckily, crowd levels have been down this summer. It’s not clear why, but likely due to bad decisions by management. People are tired of Disney. For example, Disney retheming Peter Pan’s Flight to Up Spirit of Adventure created a massive boycott. The parks may be emptier now with Disney requiring COVID vaccination cards.

Vaccine Cards at Disney?

Up until now, COVID vaccine cards were never required to enter Disney World. During the height of COVID cases, Disney remained open and never required guests to show proof of vaccination, thanks to Governor Desantis. However, that is all changing with the new policy by Disney, which requires guests to show their vaccination card or have a negative COVID test prior to entering Disney World. However, this has many people scratching their heads asking why they are requiring proof of vaccination in 2023.

Disney testing for negative COVID tests on site
Disney testing for negative COVID tests on site. Magic Kingdom Photo via Theme Park Professor. Test site photo via Scott Ash/Now News Group

Ultimately, Disney is requiring proof of vaccination as a way to generate additional revenue. They realize that most people have thrown out or lost their vaccination cards. Because of this, they know most people won’t be able to present their vaccination cards upon entry to the park. This creates an issue because Disney is now requiring all guests to either be vaccinated or show proof of a negative test from that day. This is where the money comes in.

Disney will charge people $20 to take a COVID test on-site. The results will be instant and assuming it’s negative, Disney will let them into their park. Also, Disney will only accept their tests for entry. Essentially every person who enters Disney World will either show their proof of vaccination or pay $20 to take an instant test. Disney will make $15 on each test, giving them a huge profit. Also, since they are requiring it every day, guests who go multiple days in a row will need to pay Disney each day to take a COVID test.

Reaction to Disney Requiring Proof of Vaccination

Overall, people are stunned that Disney is implementing this new policy. One family is irate at this decision. They mentioned that they all were fully vaccinated, but lost their vaccine cards because they no longer serve a purpose. Now if this family of 5 wants to enter a Disney park, it will cost them an additional $100 each day just to get negative tests administered by Disney.

Disney returning to COVID safety measures to make money
Disney returning to COVID safety measures to make money. Photo via BlogMickey.com

However, we did hear from a few guests that they are thrilled Disney is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter. They claim it will ensure their trip is much safer and that they won’t need to worry about getting COVID while at Disney World. They mentioned they already got their 6th shot and if they get one more, they’ll get a free donut.

For those who thought COVID testing and proof of vaccination were so 2021 and 2022, guess again. Disney is the first company to roll out new COVID procedures in 2023. Of course, safety isn’t their motivation, it’s strictly financial. However, they feel like they will generate a lot more revenue with this decision and are going all in on it.

What do you think of Disney now requiring proof of vaccination? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Dianne Thompson
Dianne Thompson
1 month ago

follow the money

1 month ago

This is complete BS! Total money scheme!!!

Julie Miller
1 month ago

Why are you posting this as current news for July 2023? This is 100% false information and incorrect. Disney only required COVID testing and proof of vaccinations for a brief time for those on cruises, and even that practice has been discontinued. There is NO requirement for COVID vaccination proof currently to enter Disney property. Please correct your article.

Fiona Austen
Fiona Austen
1 month ago

I have just hot got home from from Disney and have tested positive. What a souvenir