Peter Pan’s Flight Closing, Replaced With New Up Ride

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Peter Pan’s Flight is no doubt one of the most popular attractions in all of Walt Disney World. It continuously puts up some of the highest wait times. This is partially due to a low hourly ride capacity, but it still draws huge crowds. Despite this, we have some sad Disney news. Peter Pan’s Flight is closing and will be replaced with a new ride, Up Spirit of Adventure.

Up Spirit of Adventure replacing Peter Pan's Flight
Up Spirit of Adventure replacing Peter Pan’s Flight

It may come as a surprise to many that one of the most popular attractions at Disney World is closing permanently. Peter Pan’s Flight is a classic ride that opened in 1971, on the opening day of Disney World. However, the ride isn’t without alleged controversy. We will break down why this popular ride is closing and details about the new Up ride. If you want to ride Peter Pan’s flight one last time before it closes, be sure to book your resort with our friends at The World of DVC here! They have Disney DVC resort bookings at up to 65% off!

Why is Peter Pan’s Flight Closing?

In typical Disney fashion, the decision to close Peter Pan’s flight stems from the recent progressive push within the company. First, Splash Mountain was killed and now is being replaced with a Qdoba as we reported here. Now, Journey Under The Sea With The Little Mermaid is getting a new animatronic, which we reported on here. This seems to be Disney’s M.O. right now and as they would say, “Nothing can stop us now”.

Native American scene controversy forces closure of Peter Pan's Flight
Native American scene controversy forces closure of Peter Pan’s Flight. Photo via

According to reports, Peter Pan’s Flight is closing permanently because of the Native American scenes on the ride. These scenes are apparently seen as problematic. Because of that, Disney is closing the ride. One might ask, why doesn’t Disney just keep the ride as is? However, as we noted, that doesn’t follow the progressive agenda they are chasing. The other alternative is removing those scenes, but Disney doesn’t feel the ride would follow the movie enough, so instead they are closing the ride permanently.

Despite this being a sad day for Disney fans who love the classics, we aren’t surprised. In fact, Disney continues to override their current attractions with new IPs. For example, Coco coming to the Haunted Mansion. Also, Encanto taking over Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as we reported here. These are all sad changes to Disney World, but they don’t care what devoted guests think. At least the new Up ride replacing Peter Pan’s Flight sounds amazing.

Up Spirit of Adventure Ride Coming to Magic Kingdom

The new Up Spirit of Adventure Ride “takes guests on a journey through the beloved movie, Up. Sail over various scenes from the movie as you take flight in Carl Fredrickson’s House.” This is a really neat ride concept. Essentially, the track will remain the same as Peter Pan’s Flight, but the ride vehicles will look like a house with balloons at the top, instead of a ship. Also, all of the scenes will be updated to reflect the new movie.

New Up Spirit of Adventure ride coming to Disney World
New Up Spirit of Adventure ride coming to Disney World. Photo via Disney

According to an internal source, the ride will be accompanied by the famous and popular score from the movie, which everyone loves. In fact, the ride will start out with the death of Ellie, Carl’s wife. The music will be sad to support this scene. Then, guests will be introduced to Russel and Dug, and the music will become more upbeat. They will also meet Kevin, which is rumored to be a 13-foot-tall animatronic, which is also Kevin’s height in the movie. The end will be guests experiencing a breathtaking view of Paradise Falls.

Like other Disney ride updates and rethemes, all animatronics will be updated. Disney will also add projections to enhance the ride. This is expected to be a very cute and fun ride to replace Peter Pan’s Flight. It’s certainly sad to see such a popular and well-loved ride, however, the new Up ride replacing it, sounds amazing from the initial details we were exclusively provided.

What do you think of Peter Pan’s Flight being replaced with Up Spirit of Adventure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 days ago

This has got to be a joke

10 days ago

How dare they. This is absolutely ridiculous. Stop erasing history and removing things that no one is complaining about. There are no Indian reservations up in arms about the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland. You know, those people it’s depicting? Stop bending the knee to stupid white people.