Disney World Controlling Weather With New Anti-Rain Dome

A trip to Disney World isn’t complete without getting rained on. Weather (get it?) it’s a quick afternoon shower or a full Hurricane, the rain can hinder your trip. It closes rides and worse, gets your shoes wet. Because of this, Disney World is building an anti-rain dome to prevent rain on property. 

Concept art for Disney World anti-rain dome
Concept art for Disney World brand new anti-rain dome

This isn’t the first time Disney has attempted to impact the weather. In fact, a few months ago we reported here about Disney’s new hurricane defense technology. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful as Spaceship Earth was heavily damaged as we reported here. However, hurricanes are much harder to defend against than normal rainfall.

Can Disney Turn Off The Rain?

At this current moment, no, Disney cannot turn off the rain. However, in a few years, they will be able to essentially turn off the rain. Disney just broke ground on a new anti-rain dome where they can prevent any rain from falling inside the Disney World parks and on Disney property. This is a crazy technological advancement and nothing like the world has ever seen.

Disney anti-rain system is similar to retractable sports roofs
Disney’s anti-rain system is similar to retractable sports roofs. Photo via Mercedes-Benz Stadium/YouTube

Disney World’s new anti-rain system is based on the concept of a retractable roof. Many professional sports stadiums have roofs like this. It allows them more control over the weather inside their stadium. This helps greatly with temperature control. Also, more importantly keeping the rain out or “turning off the rain”.

The ability to turn off the rain brings many benefits. Disney will be able to keep more of their rides operational every day. This directly leads to higher guest satisfaction and they know when guests are happy, they spend more money. Also, no rain means less chance of flooding. Disney parks sometimes flood due to massive rainfall. It’s expensive for Disney to fix their parks when they flood.

How Will The Disney World Anti-Rain System Work?

Disney is building a giant dome for their parks that can be turned on when it rains. Essentially, if Disney knows or thinks it will rain, they will be able to enclose the entire property in a dome. This will be the largest dome ever to exist. Of course, the dome will only go up when it’s going to rain. On a normal day, it won’t be visible to guests.

New anti-rain system will prevent flooding at Disney World
The new anti-rain system will prevent flooding at Disney World. Photo via Fox 35 Orlando

According to an internal source close to the project, it will cost $2 billion to build this advanced dome. Also, the project will take likely five years to build, given its size and complexity. While the cost and timing seem high, Disney is confident that this will greatly improve the guest experience at Disney World and is worth it.

It’s also worth noting that this new dome will help control the temperature inside Disney World. For example, on days when the high is in the upper 90s, Disney can turn on the dome and control the temperature on the inside. This will work well with the outdoor air conditioning Disney is installing, which we reported on here.

What do you think of Disney being able to control the weather? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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