Disney World ECV Electric Scooter Ban Effective Immediately

Disney implements immediate ECV electric scooter ban

A trip to Disney World isn’t complete without getting hit, ran over, or pushed out of the way by an ECV scooter. In fact, numerous scientific studies show that electric scooters are far more dangerous than running inside Disney World. We recently reported here that one guest almost died after being run over by a scooter inside Magic Kingdom. This is why an electric scooter ban is coming to Disney World immediately.

Disney implements immediate ECV electric scooter ban
Electric scooter ban effective immediately at Disney World

According to year-end reports, there were more than 7,000 scooter-related injuries at Disney World in 2022. Many of the injuries are minor bruises, however, there were multiple broken feet and legs. With that being said, we believe it’s the near-death experience that’s forcing the scooter ban at Disney World. This is like how Disney is keeping the lights on in Space Mountain due to the serious injury on that ride, which we reported here.

What Makes ECV Scooters so Dangerous at Disney World?

The reason scooters are extremely dangerous at Disney is a combination of a few elements. First off, they are extremely heavy. The scooters weigh a lot, plus there is a human on them. Sometimes that person is heavier than the average human, thus compounding the issue. 

Disney banning ECV Scooters indefinitely
ECV Scooters can be dangerous as seen in the Put it in reverse Terry video

Second, the scooters are driven using electronics. All it takes is the driver to hit the wrong button or not pay attention to their surroundings for tragedy to strike. This is especially true when older folks are on the scooters and sometimes their hand slips or they struggle to control it. We see this happen in the famous “Put it in reverse Terry” video. 

There are also many other factors that lead to injuries and dangerous situations when it comes to scooters inside Disney Parks. It’s not just the drivers, it comes down to other guests being unpredictable as well as narrow walkways and large crowds. Electric scooters are great in many places, however, Disney Parks have massive crowds, making it a tough place for these scooters.

How Will The Electric Scooter Ban Work at Disney?

Disney officially put a ban on electric scooters in their parks. It’s always possible this is a temporary ban that Disney lifts in the future. However, for now, this ban means no electric scooters in the parks. It’s worth noting that this ban doesn’t include electric wheelchairs. There is a fine line between the two. Typically electric scooters are for those who need assistance getting around while electric wheelchairs are for those who depend on them every day. Disney will allow guests who require electric wheelchairs to use them in the parks. This is part of an ADA requirement by law.

Disney banning ECV Scooters indefinitely
Disney banning ECV scooters in their parks indefinitely

Speaking of the ADA, the question arises, does ADA require Disney to allow electric scooters in their parks? The answer is no. The reason comes down to medical necessity and alternative options. With that being said, as long as Disney still allows normal wheelchairs in their parks, they will be ADA compliant and thus an electric scooter ban will not be a violation of the law. Because of this change, we can already see Disney increasing their wheelchair capacity to accommodate guests.

Disney increases wheelchair capacity after ECV scooter ban
Disney increases wheelchair capacity after ECV scooter ban. Photo via DisneyFoodBlog.com

For those who use an electric scooter to get around, you will either need to get an electric wheelchair, which Disney will not rent, or a normal wheelchair. The reason Disney offers electric scooters in the first place is Disney World is hot and requires a lot of walking. Because of that, the rented scooters improve the guest experience for those that cannot walk around. It’s also a way to make a quick buck. Their margins on electric scooter rentals are huge. Essentially Disney rents ECV scooters for convenience, not compliance.

As mentioned, this ban may not be permanent, but comes in the wake of a serious injury at Disney World. What do you think of Disney banning ECV scooters in their parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Melanie Coffman
Melanie Coffman
9 months ago

I am a 73 year old Mother and Grandmother… the highlight of my life is going to both Disney world and Disneyland with my family❣️… By taking away the scooter rentals , I would be unable to go and just thinking if that makes me sad‼️‼️I live in California and have gone on 4 vacations with my family to Florida… sad to think I wiuld not have experienced the fun in DW with my family…. My SUGGESTION is to only allow Disney scooters, not outside the park rentals… those scooters seem to be much faster thus making them more dangerous ‼️‼️‼️.. PLEASE do not punish us old people because of a few idiots… never have I been even been close to hurting anyone …-and I have rented a scooter at least 10 to 15 times… THANK YOU for letting me comment‼️‼️

9 months ago

I am going to Disney in May and will now have to cancel my trip as I am travelling with my lightweight small mobility scooter . I am noble to stand or walk more than a few steps

Marna Edenson
Marna Edenson
8 months ago

This past early December my husband (73), our daughter & twin granddaughters & I (71) went to DisneyWorld. My husband had polio as a child & cannot walk very far. The rest of us walked as much as 9 miles in a day. Without the electric scooter we cannot go back to take our 5 year old grandson. We had the best time and we will all remember our experience forever.
We are sad to think we can’t go again this year.