EXCLUSIVE: Secret Underground Fights at Walt Disney World

Secret fights happening in Disney World Utilidors

Disney World is known for the magic it creates. Every day, Disney puts a smile on the face of 60,000 people at the Magic Kingdom. However, it’s not always magic and pixie dust at Disney World. This is especially true in the areas that guests are not allowed to visit. In fact, we have an exclusive report on secret underground fights that take place at Disney World.

Secret underground fights happening at Disney World
Secret underground fights happening at Disney World. Screenshot via ILoveMyCulture/Twitter

In a shocking turn of events, an anonymous employee has come to us with information about a secret underground fighting arena beneath the Magic Kingdom used for “Mickey Mouse Fight Club” matches. This is worse than the fight over a popcorn bucket, which we reported here. Our internal source wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. However, they have provided exclusive details about the illegal activity and how it operates.

The Discovery of These Underground Fights

Our source stumbled upon the underground arena while on a routine maintenance call. According to the employee, they discovered an entrance to a tunnel. The tunnel was hidden behind a fake wall in one of the park’s storage rooms. They walked through it to see where it led. The employee discovered a hidden room filled with equipment and supplies used for the “Mickey Mouse Fight Club” matches. They also found a circular room with a dirt floor surrounded by metal bars. 

Secret fights happening in Disney World Utilidors
Secret fights happening in Disney World Utilidors. Photo via Disney

They noted that the fights occur after the park closes and are attended by a select group of high-rollers and VIPs. The matches involve cast members dressed as popular Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more, fighting each other in an enclosed space. Also according to the employee, the fighters wear masks to protect their identities.

The “Mickey Mouse Fight Club” matches are organized by a group of wealthy Disney enthusiasts who pay a high price for admission. In fact, it’s equipped with professional lighting and cameras, which are used to broadcast the fights to a private audience. Spectators also place significant bets on these fights. 

The Cover-Up of These Brutal Fights

We learned that the “Mickey Mouse Fight Club” matches have been going on for years, and that management is aware of their existence. However, they have done nothing to shut them down. Apparently, they bring in a significant amount of revenue for the company. In fact, over the years, these fights have generated millions of dollars from betting.

Disney covering up illegal fights happening below Magic Kingdom
Disney covering up illegal fights happening below Magic Kingdom. Photo via Netflix

Disney has not released an official statement on the matter. In fact, we reached out to additional sources, which all denied the existence of “Mickey Mouse Fight Club”. Our original source, however, insists that the matches are real and that they will continue to take place until Disney takes action.

The discovery of a secret underground tunnel system beneath Disney World used for illegal “Mickey Mouse Fight Club” matches is shocking. It calls into question the ethics of upper management. As more details emerge, we wonder if Disney will shut down the fights and punish those responsible for organizing them.

What do you think of these underground fights happening at Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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