Get Your Teeth Cleaned Inside The Magic Kingdom!

Concept Art for Main Street USA Dentist Office at Disney World

Did you know you can get a haircut inside the Magic Kingdom? The Harmony Barber Shop offers haircuts for kids to adults and even beard trims. However, it’s more than just a haircut, it’s an experience. A brand new experience is coming to Main Street USA. You will soon be able to get your teeth cleaned inside The Magic Kingdom!

New Dental Office coming to Main Street USA Disney World
New Dental Office coming to Main Street USA

Main Street USA is designed to resemble a typical small town in the United States during the early 20th century, with architecture and decor that reflect the Victorian era. The street is lined with shops, and restaurants, and features a train station and City Hall. It does a great job of capturing the authenticity of the cities during that time. The music and theming play a big part in that. Disney is all about details and authenticity, which will also be on full display in the new dentist’s office inside the Magic Kingdom.

The Harmony Barber Shop is one place on Main Street that creates a great experience. They take you back to the turn of the 20th century for a haircut and immerse you in a full experience. The best part is it is the price. Haircuts for kids start at only $20 and adult haircuts start at only $21. For being at Disney, that is a great price, especially when they are talking about doubling ticket prices.

The new dental office at Disney World will be a lot like the barbershop. While what Disney is doing may sound a bit unconventional, we expect it to be a great experience. The new Main Street USA Dentist office will be named “Get Your Fill Dental Office”. The theming inside the new Disney dental office will fit with the turn of the 20th century. Because of that, everything from the dental chairs to the wallpaper to the tools they use will fit with the era of Main Street USA. Yes, you heard us right, even the tools.

Concept Art for Main Street USA Dentist Office at Disney World
Concept Art for Main Street USA Dentist Office. Photo via: Nathan Lambrecht

When you go into the Disney World dental office, the tools the dentist will use to clean your teeth will be replicas of dental tools from the early 20th century. Disney wants to ensure this is an authentic experience for the guest. While it may sound scary to be operated on with tools that old, don’t worry. Disney dentists will be trained to use these tools appropriately.

The cost of getting your teeth cleaned inside Disney World is reasonable. It will only be $50 to get your teeth cleaned. That’s less than most dental cleanings without insurance. However, speaking of insurance, Disney’s dentist’s office will not accept insurance, despite being a legitimate dental practice. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for this cleaning.

Look at dental tools for new Disney World dental office
Look at dental tools for new Disney World dental office. Photo via:

Much like the Main Street Barber Shop, if you want your teeth cleaned at Disney, you should make a reservation. Disney will allow for walk-ins, however, there will be limited availability. Given this, if you want to guarantee a cleaning inside Disney World, make a reservation online. This can be done through Disney’s website once the office officially opens up.

The new dentist’s office will be located near the start of Main Street USA. Unfortunately, it will take over the space currently occupied by The Chapeau. The Chapeau is set to close in the next few weeks and Disney will start construction on the new dentist’s office. While there is no official opening date, we expect a late 2023 opening for the dental office. 

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