it’s a small world Ranked as The Worst Ride in America

it's a small world is closing permanently due to cultural appropriation

One of the most well-known rides at Disney World and Disneyland is it’s a small world. The ride is a timeless classic that has been around since 1966 at Disneyland and since the opening day of Disney World in 1971. Despite being in 5 Disney World parks around the world, it has been officially ranked as the worst ride in America.

it's a small world ranks as the worst ride in America
it’s a small world officially ranks as the worst ride in America

There’s no doubt you know the song it’s a small world. It’s a song everyone learns as a kid, sings, and annoys their parents with. It’s a catchy tune that gets stuck in everyone’s head. However, the ride is extremely polarizing. From the people who can’t get enough of it to the people who won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole, the world is divided on the ride. Despite those who love it, it will officially go down as the worst ride in America.

The Unpopularity of it’s a small world

it’s a small world continues to generate mediocre wait times every day. We surveyed 1,000 people as they left the ride, asking them why they got in line. Here is how the answers break down. A whopping 70% of guests say they ride it for nostalgic reasons. Whether it brings back a fond memory from their childhood or is a must-do every year, they will ride it. 25% said it was their first time and they wanted to experience it, which makes sense. Then the last 5% said they love the attraction and oftentimes ride it multiple times a trip.

it's a small world walkthrough attraction
it’s a small world walkthrough attraction may be canceled

Clearly, there are differing opinions about the ride. In fact, the ride became even less liked a few months ago when we reported here that Disney would make it a walk-through attraction. Essentially it would no longer be a boat ride, rather you walk down the track. Many guests were outraged by this story and it makes us wonder if the plans for this were canceled. The other shocking announcement was the addition of an it’s a small world meet and greet. This was also controversial due to the creepy nature of the dolls.

The ride went from a success at the 1964 New York World’s Fair to one of the least-liked attractions in America. However, this doesn’t come as a surprise. As technology improves, older rides feel outdated and don’t generate as much buzz and excitement when compared to other rides. What once was an impressive and unique ride gets dwarfed by more exciting and advanced rides. That’s what happened to it’s a small world.

it’s a small world is the Worst Ride in America

According to the official theme park ride rankings, it’s a small world officially topped the list as the worst ride in America. This is the first time the ride has made it to the top of the list, however, not the first time it found the top 10. The ride consistently makes its way near the top, however, this time, it found a home as the number one worst ride. The official ranking said the ride is “a creepy and annoying ride that most people only go on for the ‘nostalgia’. Very few people actually enjoy the ride for what it is.”

it's a small world walk through attraction
Will it’s a small world close due to it being the worst ride in America?

The ranking is fairly harsh on the ride, however, not undeserved. Many people would agree with the statements made. A few other Disney rides made it into the top 20 worst rides in America. Those include Na’vi River Journey, another overrated ride, also, Journey Into Imagination with Figment made the list as well. With so many rides at Disney World, it’s not unsurprising that a few other rides made this list.

With this ranking, many people are asking if it’s a small world will close permanently. Some are suggesting it should close and make way for a new attraction. However, others defend the ride, saying it’s a Disney staple that everyone should ride. It’s unclear if Disney will close it’s a small world forever due to this ranking, however, there are some internal sources that suggest it may close soon.

What are your least favorite rides at Disney World? Share yours in the comments below!

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bob blake
bob blake
3 months ago

my cousin hated it cuz of the music