Lightning Lane Now Offered for Disney World Starbucks

Disney adding lightning lane option for Starbucks

Starbucks stores inside Disney World are printing money. From park open to park close, there is guaranteed to be a line for the Starbucks inside Disney. In fact, guests often report waiting longer in line for Starbucks than they do for many attractions at Disney World. This is why Disney announced they will offer individual Lightning Lanes for Starbucks.

Disney adding lightning lane option for Starbucks
Long lines lead to Lightning Lane for Disney World Starbucks. Photo via

Many Starbucks stand alone shops across the US offer mobile ordering. This is where you order from your phone and pick up 5-15 minutes later usually, depending on how busy the store is. Unfortunately, the Starbucks stores inside Disney World don’t offer this service. This is likely for many reasons, one of those being the long term play to charge people for immediate service.

The lines at Starbucks can reach a staggering 30-60 minute wait for your coffees. When the Disney parks aren’t too busy, we usually see wait times in the 15-30 minute range for Starbucks, however, many times the Starbucks wait times at Disney World reach upwards of an hour!

Because of these long lines, Disney will offer Lightning Lane for the Starbucks locations across Disney World. Starbucks Lightning Lane prices will fluctuate based on expected crowd levels for that day. This follows the Lightning Lane pricing strategy that Disney uses for the rides as well. For example, one day a Cosmic Rewind Lightning Lane may be as low as $14 to as high as $17 depending on how busy Disney World is that day.

Disney adds Lightning Lane option for Starbucks
Disney adds Lightning Lane option for Starbucks for $5-10

The Starbucks Lightning Lanes will be slightly less expensive than the attraction Lightning Lanes. A Starbucks Lightning Lane pass will cost guests anywhere from $5 at the least busy times up to $10 for the busiest times like New Years Eve or Christmas day for example. This isn’t a terrible deal to skip the line.

To get a Lightning Lane for Starbucks, open the My Disney Experience app. From there, go to My Genie Day. Once there, click on Tip Board. Make sure to change the park to whichever park you are in. Then click on Dining and scroll down to Starbucks. There will then be an option to purchase Lightning Lane.

The main difference with the Starbucks Lightning Lane from the rides is you can book it multiple times in a day. With Lightning Lane for the rides, you can only book it once a day. However, for Starbucks, it makes sense that guests are allowed to book multiple Lightning Lane passes in a day because Disney is making extra money off of this and the demand for these Lightning Lanes won’t be as high.

Disney Starbucks Lightning Lane
Starbucks is a staple for many at Disney World, now you can cut the lines. Photo via

While it may seem expensive to skip the line for coffee, it isn’t terrible. If you order a few drinks, this only adds a few dollars to each drink price if you average it out. Also, for rides everyone in the party needs a Lightning Lane pass. Cosmic Rewind for example could cost a family of four $68 for one ride ($18 per ride times 4 people). But with Starbucks, only one person in the party needs to get a Lightning Lane for the order. This makes it much more affordable.

This is the first non-ride at Disney World to have Lightning Lane as an option for guests. Disney is likely using this as a trial run for potential expansion. If Disney sees success with this Lightning Lane experience, they will likely expand the program. We would not be surprised to see Lightning Lane as an option for sit down dining at Disney and even potentially in the Disney stores.

List of Starbucks Locations at Disney World Offering Lightning Lane

Because we like to be helpful, we decided to provide you with a quick guide on where Starbucks locations are across Disney property.

In Magic Kingdom, the Starbucks is located in the Main Street Bakery. If you are walking down Main Street USA towards the castle, it will be on your right. This is a great Starbucks to stop at before you rope drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Space Mountain. The Magic Kingdom Starbucks is often busy before the park opens, so this would be a great time to get a Lightning Lane pass for it so you can rejoin your group before rope drop.

Magic Kingdom Starbucks
Magic Kingdom Starbucks. Photo via

Last year we wrote about a new Starbucks and Target combination coming to Tomorrowland. We do not know of the opening date for this new Disney Starbucks. However, Disney has yet to break ground on it, so it will likely be a while. You can read that story here.

Hollywood Studios Starbucks is also open before rope drop. This Starbucks is in Trolley Car Cafe. As you walk down Hollywood Boulevard towards Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, it is off to your right. It’s right on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. Like Magic Kingdom, this one is often busiest in the morning prior to park open.

Hollywood Studios Starbucks
Hollywood Studios Starbucks. Photo via

If you are looking for Starbucks at EPCOT, you will find it in Connections Cafe & Eatery in Future World. It’s where the Electric Umbrella once was. This is a massive Starbucks location and always seems to have a long line. This brand new location is the most beautiful Starbucks at Disney World and goes down as our favorite.

EPCOT Starbucks
EPCOT Starbucks. Photo via

Lastly we head over to Animal Kingdom. This Starbucks is located in Creature Comforts. This is the least busy Starbucks of all Disney World locations. It’s just past Pizzafari on the left as you walk towards Africa. In fact, we had to look at a map to find this one, that is how out of the way and unimpressive this Starbucks is. This is the least popular of all Starbucks at Disney World.

Animal Kingdom Starbucks
Animal Kingdom Starbucks. Photo via

It’s worth mentioning there are two Starbucks in Disney Springs. One is on the West Side of Disney Springs by the Aerophile balloon. The other one is in the Marketplace and is part of The World of Disney. These two locations will not offer Lightning Lane to skip the lines. It’s only for the Starbucks in the parks.

Disney Springs Starbucks
Disney Springs Starbucks. Photo via

What do you think of Disney adding a Lightning Lane option for Starbucks? Let us know in the comments below!

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