NEW Virtual Disney World Endurance Training Program

A trip to Disney World is extremely exhausting. In fact, very few people call it a vacation. Those who visit Disney World know how intense a trip can be. From the lack of sleep to walking in extreme heat, a trip there requires a lot of energy. Because of this, Disney is now offering a virtual Disney World endurance training program to get you in shape for their world-class theme parks.

New virtual endurance training course for Disney World
New virtual endurance training course for Disney World. Emporium photo via Disney

It’s not uncommon to walk 30,000 steps in one day at Disney World. If you rope drop one of the parks and spend the entire day doing rides and dining until the park closes, 30,000 steps are easily achievable. Not to mention the fact that you’re probably running on 4-6 hours of sleep. It’s these extremes keeping people away from Disney World. This is why Disney is offering an endurance training program to prepare you for your trip.

Disney World Endurance Training Program Details

If you want to move around Disney World more easily or just feel like you aren’t in shape for a Disney World trip, you may want to consider the virtual endurance training, hosted by Disney. For only $1,000, you can sign up for a 5-week endurance course to get you ready to tackle Disney World without being overly exhausted. The program covers multiple elements of the trip to get you in peak Disney form.

The best new way to prepare for Disney is through their endurance training course
The best new way to prepare for Disney is through their endurance training course

The five weeks of the course will focus on walking, sleeping, nutrition, weather, and optimization. Each week is a different virtual lesson, guided by a Disney expert and certified trainer, much like the VIP tour guides inside the parks. The lessons focus on an overall topic, with sub-teachings for each one. For example, the walking week focuses on recommended footwear, dodging strollers, and even exercises and workouts to get you ready for the parks.

While the course doesn’t have official homework, your trainer will provide you with recommended exercises and drills to prepare you for each section. Some of these drills include a 3-mile walk wearing a winter coat in the summer, ladder drills (for quick feet to dodge strollers), and limiting your sleep to only four hours a night during the program. All of these suggested activities are meant to help you best prepare for taking on Disney World. Remember, it’s hardly a vacation anymore.

What Customers Are Saying About the Program

So far guests are raving about this new Disney World training program. In fact, one guest was extremely excited about the winter jacket drill. They said, “This is just the preparation I needed, especially now that Disney is turning off the air conditioning in their parks.” They make a good point and you can read more about that here. They also went on to say “Waking up at Disney used to be the hardest thing for me. Now, I am getting my family out of bed at 5 AM, every morning, even on weekends!”

Prepare for Disney World from your living room with new virtual training
Prepare for Disney World from your living room with new virtual training. Emporium photo via Disney

Many other guests shared similar sentiments, but not everyone is satisfied with the program. In fact, one guest said “Disney World is supposed to be a vacation. I want to be able to have a relaxing trip and that’s not possible anymore. It’s become too much of a competition and too commercialized. I am ashamed I paid $1,000 for this course.”

There are certainly differing opinions about this program. However, the one thing we know is that Disney World will continue to get more intense and expensive each year. What used to be a fun vacation for families has turned into an expensive CrossFit exercise. Only time will tell if guests will ever find trips to Disney World relaxing.

What do you think of Disney’s new virtual endurance training program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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