No More Air Conditioning Inside Disney World

Disney will no longer have air conditioning inside their rides and restaurants

If you’ve been to Florida in the summer months, you know it’s hot. The average temperature hovers in the low to mid-90s with heat indexes often in the upper-90s to low-100s. This makes walking around Disney World almost unbearable. Except, it has one redeeming quality, air conditioning in every building. However, a new announcement just came out that there will no longer be air conditioning inside Disney World.

Disney will no longer have air conditioning inside their rides and restaurants
Disney will no longer have air conditioning inside their rides and restaurants

You’re walking down Main Street USA, all the way to the back of Tomorrowland where Space Mountain is. It’s 95 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. You get there and you’re sweating. However, as soon as you walk inside and hear the famous Star Tunnel music, you can relax because of a cold air conditioning breeze blowing on you. It’s the greatest feeling in the world… until now. Rides and buildings at Disney World will no longer have air conditioning in them.

Disney Discontinues Air Conditioning

In a shocking announcement, Disney will no longer air condition their rides, restaurants, or buildings. However, it’s worth noting that the Disney hotels will still have air conditioning in the rooms. This is a relief. Most people thought they would need to spend their entire trip at Disney without air conditioning altogether. The good news is you can still get the A/C in your hotel room on Disney property.

Disney hotels will still have air conditioning
Disney hotels will still have air conditioning. Photo via Disney

This is certainly a surprise and a disappointment to most people. It makes visiting Disney World in the summer far more difficult and unpleasant due to the extreme heat. During the fall and winter months, it may be okay, but this lessens the appeal of Disney World for the majority of the year. With this announcement, we wonder if Disney will implement outdoor air conditioning which we reported on here.

It’s worth noting that according to many climate scientists, Disney World has actually singled-handedly helped cool the planet down. Disney is known for blasting the air conditioning and leaving doors wide open. This allows the cold air to escape. Over the past 30+ years, Disney has actually been able to cool the earth off slightly due to all of the air conditioning they’ve let escape out the door. It’s a crazy scientific phenomenon.

Why is Disney Turning off the Air Conditioning?

The reason for Disney turning off air conditioning in their parks is twofold. First, to save money. Disney is always looking for ways to save or make money while sacrificing the guest experience. For example, making guests pay for Wi-Fi is a great way to worsen the guest experience. However, in this case, it’s a cost-cutting measure. Disney won’t need to pay as much in electric bills to let cold air out wide open doors that they could just close.

Outdoor air conditioning may be on a hold with Disney turning off all air conditioning
Outdoor air conditioning may be on hold with Disney turning off all air conditioning

The second element is the typical environmental standpoint. Despite Disney actually cooling the earth’s temperature slightly, it’s “a significant waste of energy to always be running air conditioning.” Disney wants to make the planet a better place. One step in doing this is turning off air conditioning inside their rides and buildings. They are also getting rid of paper maps as we reported here and turning off water to the hotel showers to also save the planet.

This is certainly a hot issue at Disney. Instead of air cooling like Uncle Orville taught us, Disney will rely on natural breezes to cool off their buildings. We expect this to have a negative impact on the guest experience at Disney and hurt them in the long run. The one redeeming feature of Disney World is the air conditioning inside. Nothing better than a cold 60 degrees breeze on your face after being in the sweltering heat.

What do you think of Disney World turning off the air conditioning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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