Scientists Reveal Disney “Turkey Legs” Are Actually Elk Meat

New study shows that Disney "turkey legs" are actually made from Elk

For decades, the turkey leg has been a staple at Disney theme parks. These oversized drumsticks are the most sold food item at Disney World and Disneyland. In fact, many guests consider them a must-have treat during every Disney vacation. However, top scientists just revealed the truth behind Disney’s “turkey legs”, confirming they are actually elk legs.

New study shows that Disney "turkey legs" are actually made from Elk
A new study shows that Disney “turkey legs” are actually made from Elk

We asked 1,000 people what their go-to Disney food is. 95% said turkey legs, 3% said Dole Whip, and the remaining 2% said something else. As you can see, turkey legs are extremely popular at Disney. People love the savory taste of them. In fact, Disney artificially pumps the scent of these turkey legs into the park so people are more compelled to buy them and it works. However, we expect to see a strong decline in purchases of Disney turkey legs with the new discovery that they are actually elk meat.

Disney Emu Turkey Leg Rumors Debunked

For ages, people have claimed that Disney turkey legs are actually emu legs. In fact, even Zachary Levi made this claim on Conan O’Brien here, which took the internet by storm. However, that is actually an incorrect statement. Rather the turkey legs at Disney are actually elk meat. Many people knew something was off about the turkey legs, but no one expected it to be elk. This is almost as shocking as the news that birds at Disney World aren’t real.

Top scientists make the discovery that Disney "turkey legs" are elk
Top scientists make the discovery that Disney “turkey legs” are elk

Top scientists using cutting-edge technology have uncovered an astonishing truth. Disney’s iconic turkey legs are, in fact, elk legs in a clever disguise. For years, the Disney turkey legs have defied logic. The sheer size of these “turkey” legs left park-goers in awe. No rational human would think that the turkey legs actually came from turkeys. Look at the size of them, also they only slightly resemble the taste of turkey.

It’s this disconnect that got the scientists looking deeper into these so-called turkey legs. After years of research, they have determined that the origin of the “turkey leg” is actually elk. The scientists were able to genetically decode the mystery meat to make this discovery. This makes sense when you look at the size of elk legs compared to turkey legs.

Your Turkey Legs are Elk Meat

As we mentioned earlier, the taste of these turkey legs is always a bit off. Now that we know they are actually elk legs, things make a lot more sense. In fact, we reached out to an expert food critic, who told us that elk tastes a lot like turkey. In fact, it’s the closest substitute to turkey that you can find. However, it begs the question, why is Disney using elk for their turkey legs, and how?

We expect a big decline in elk leg sales after this huge revelation
We expect a big decline in elk leg sales after this huge revelation. Photo via Disney

According to an internal source, Disney has a secret farm where they raise these elk. Each elk is able to produce 8 “turkey legs” alone. This is four times as much as one turkey can produce. Disney also found a way to raise elk faster than they can raise turkeys. This also allows them to produce more of these “turkey legs”. As we noted, turkey legs are the most popular food at Disney, this helps them to keep up with the massive demand. By making the turkey legs out of elk, they can do just that.

How are people reacting to this? When we interviewed the 1,000 people, we also asked them if they would eat the “turkey legs” if they knew it was elk meat. According to our research, only 30% said they would. This is a significant decline in appetite for the turkey legs at Disney. It just goes to show that most people don’t want to see how the sausage is made, so to speak. We expect Disney’s turkey leg sales to tank after this earth-shattering revelation.

What do you think of Disney’s “turkey legs” actually being made from elk meat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 months ago

I actually think they’d taste better if they were elk. It’s very tasty!