Sleep Inside Space Mountain: A New Experience

You can soon sleep inside Space Mountain under the stars

Space Mountain is one of the most well-known and well-loved attractions at Disney World. When it opened in 1975 it immediately became a fan favorite. A combination of the fast drops, tight turns, and the feeling of flying through Space, makes this a top attraction at Disney World and Disneyland. Now, Disney is offering a brand new experience at Space Mountain, where guests can sleep under the stars on the ride.

You can soon sleep inside Space Mountain under the stars
You can soon sleep inside Space Mountain under the stars. Original photo via Disney

Unique sleeping experiences are not new at Disney World. In fact, we reported here on Disney allowing guests to book Cinderella Castle Suite. Also, Disney followed up with our favorite opportunity, spending a night in the house on Living with the Land. These are not only amazing experiences for the guests, but also a great way for Disney to make money. It’s this perfect combination that led Disney to allow guests to sleep inside Space Mountain under the stars.

Sleeping Inside Space Mountain

Space Mountain is known for its amazing out-of-this-world atmosphere. This complete immersion starts with the queue. Disney does an excellent job pulling you into the story as you snake through the queue, especially when you get to the Star Tunnel. They execute this through a combination of music and visuals. By the time you get to the ride, you are fully immersed in the magic of Space Mountain.

This is similar to sleeping in the Living With The Land House
This is similar to sleeping in the Living With The Land House. Photo via Disney

Now, if you want to take your Space Mountain experience to the moon, you soon can, by spending a night inside the attraction under the stars. For only $1,971, you and up to three guests can sleep inside Space Mountain after the park closes. Disney will set up tents at the bottom of the attraction. This will be your room for the night. They will keep the lights and projections on all night, allowing you to sleep under the stars and get a truly authentic space experience. This special sleeping experience will be called “Space Mountain Starry Night”.

Not only will Disney provide tents, but they will also provide you with space-themed snacks. This is all included in the price of staying there overnight. One example of food they will have are Space S’mores. These will be s’mores made with freeze-dried marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. This is to emulate what an astronaut would eat in Space. There will be plenty of other space-themed snacks and drinks for those who spend a night inside the ride. It will be a lot like camping inside the Magic Kingdom, which we reported on here.

Space Mountain Starry Night Additional Details

How can I spend a night inside Space Mountain? You will need to book your reservation through Disney’s website. Currently, the website is not accepting reservations. However, keep checking back with us for more information on when you can book a night inside Space Mountain. Despite this, there is some good news. Unlike Cinderella Castle, multiple families can spend a night inside Space Mountain under the stars. In fact, Disney will accommodate up to 20 groups per night. This increases your odds of landing a reservation when they are available.

Those sleeping in Space Mountain will be able to ride it for an hour after park close
Those sleeping in Space Mountain will be able to ride it for an hour after park close. Photo via Disney

If you are lucky enough to snag a reservation to sleep inside Space Mountain, you will need to report to the ride’s entrance when the park closes. This way Cast Members can help confirm your flight to the moon and get you settled. In terms of luggage, you can check your luggage at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom before entering at a special gate. It will be waiting for you at Space Mountain later that night.

One other bonus for those staying a night inside Space Mountain is free rides on the attraction. That’s right, anyone lucky enough to make a Space Mountain Starry Night reservation will get to ride the ride after the park closes. Disney will run cars on the ride for one hour after the last guests ride it so anyone staying inside the attraction that night will be able to ride it as much as they want during that time.

What do you think of this new sleeping experience coming to Space Mountain? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Charlene T.
Charlene T.
5 months ago

$2,000 to sleep in a tent? Bathrooms apparently are the regular public bathrooms. Showers aren’t mentioned. Hard pass.