Tower of Terror Style Elevators Coming to Disney Resorts

Disney World resorts will soon have Tower of Terror style elevators
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Tower of Terror often ranks as one of the scariest and most thrilling rides at Disney World. The sudden drops and rises make the ride truly exciting. Disney also does an amazing job setting up the ride through the queue and the pre-show to get guests excited. Now, Tower of Terror-style elevators are making their way into Disney World resorts and hotels.

Disney World resorts will soon have Tower of Terror style elevators
Disney World resorts will soon have Tower of Terror-style elevators. Contemporary photo via Disney

The Tower of Terror continues to make headlines. Disney removed the seat belts on the ride as we reported here. Also, they are offering a new bungee jump experience on the outside of the ride. Then, of course, the news that the Tower of Terror would no longer be a thrill ride. Now, we just learned that specific Disney resorts will offer a Tower of Terror experience with their elevators.

Tower of Terror Inside Disney World Resorts

Disney World is home to more than 25 resorts. The price ranges are based on how high-end the hotel is. The deluxe resorts have far more offerings than the value resorts. For example, hot tubs, club levels, and fancy restaurants. However, those additional benefits come at a cost. Now the Disney World deluxe resorts will also include Tower of Terror-style elevators. This will add to the excitement and offerings at those resorts.

Tower of Terror elevators at Disney Deluxe Resorts
Tower of Terror elevators at Disney Deluxe Resorts. Photos via Disney

What does a Tower of Terror-style elevator at these hotels mean? Disney will modify some of their elevators to resemble the Tower of Terror more closely. This is intended to give guests at these hotels an additional sense of thrill and essentially a free theme park ride inside the hotels. These new elevators will rise and fall rapidly with guests in them, just like they would if riding the Tower of Terror. This decision stems from giving guests who pay more for resorts an additional offering to make the expensive resorts more appealing.

Imagine staying in a Disney hotel, taking the elevator up to your room, and all of a sudden it drops quickly. Then it rises back up. It then fake drops you and then shoots up to your floor. This is what the Tower of Terror elevators will do inside the deluxe resorts at Disney World. However, since many of the resorts are only 4-6 floors, this Tower of Terror-type ride will be much tamer than the real ride.

Tower of Terror Elevator Safety Concerns

You might be wondering, how is it safe to take a Tower of Terror elevator to your room. Well, people were also asking that when we reported that Disney would remove the seatbelts from the Tower of Terror. However, it was deemed safe. Disney takes safety very seriously, despite a man losing his hands on Space Mountain as we reported here. However, these new Tower of Terror hotel elevators have safety as a top priority.

Disney is removing seat belts from the Tower of Terror
Disney is removing seat belts from the Tower of Terror

While guests won’t be required to buckle in for these resort elevators, they are advised to hold on. However, as we mentioned, the drops won’t be as severe, so even if you aren’t holding on, you will be fine. If it happens to get out of hand and start injuring guests, Disney pledges to turn off the Tower of Terror function on those elevators. However, according to an expert elevator engineer, there should be no safety issues with these new rides.

The good news with this change is the hotels will still offer normal elevator service to those who are too chicken to ride the Tower of Terror elevators. Disney will provide guests will normal elevators or stairs, so they don’t need to take the thrill ride to their room. If you need to book a room for one of these deluxe resorts to experience the Tower of Terror elevators, we have you covered! Book with our friends at The DVC Resale Market here, where you can find Disney resort bookings at up to 65% off!

What do you think of Disney adding Tower of Terror elevators to their hotels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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