Walt Disney’s Frozen Head to be Revealed at D23

Walt Disney Frozen Head to be revealed at D23

There has been a long running rumor about Walt Disney’s frozen head being stored below one of the Disney parks. Some say his head is below Pirate’s of the Caribbean while others say it is under one of the castles. Regardless of where his head is stored, we have breaking news on it!

Walt Disney's frozen head to be revealed at D23
Photo via The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head – We suggest you check out the film!

We have just gotten word that The Disney Company will reveal Walt Disney’s frozen head at D23 this September, 2022! This year’s D23 will be a celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, so it is only fitting they unveil Walt Disney in the flesh at this event.

The theory about Walt’s head being frozen started after Walt Disney’s death. This has been a fan favorite story that keeps resurfacing and has led to many jokes and conspiracies. There are many sources that have debunked this story. Some commonly cited reasons are that Walt had no interest or knowledge about cryonics, there are records of him being cremated, and his family went to his funeral and confirmed his head was in fact not frozen.

D23 Walt's Frozen head wil be revealed
Photo via D23.com

We can now debunk the debunkers. We now know that Disney’s head was in fact frozen and will be revealed to the public for the first time at D23. The only bit we don’t know is where it was stored all these years. Apparently this is a project Disney has been actively working hard on and preparing for especially over the past 10 years. They have created an AI robot that will interact with his head and ultimately bring Walt Disney back to life! This is a brand new technological advancement and something that has never been done before.

We are thrilled to have Walt’s brain working for the company again. We have seen the company go off the rails in the past few years under CEO Bob Chapek. We think Walt will bring a fresh perspective to the company and may save us from the nightmare company Chapek has been leading. We do however fear Walt will have a heart attack when he sees all of the damage Chapek has done and the changes that have been made to Walt’s original vision and that all of the work of bringing him back to life will be for nothing.

Walt Disney EPCOT Frozen Head
Walt’s Original Vision for EPCOT was never met. Image via wdwnt.com

We do not have any images on what Walt will look like, but we are excited and anxious to see the end result from Disney. Will it look like an audio animatronic from The Hall of Presidents? A real human? We do not yet know. Do you think bringing Walt back to life might save the company?

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