Woman Suing Disney Because Lines Were “Too Long”

Disney eliminating wait times due to long wait times being a deterrnt

Over the years, Disney has been sued for some crazy things. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that a woman sued Disney because she couldn’t bring her emotional support ferret into the parks. You can read about that here. While that is a strange lawsuit, it doesn’t even compare to the woman who is suing Disney because the lines were “too long”.

A woman is suing Disney over long wait times
A woman is suing Disney over long wait times. Photo via disneytouristblog.com

Everyone knows that waiting in lines at Disney World is no fun. Luckily, we reported here that Disney is installing chairs in lines so people can sit down and relax. In fact, lines are so prominent that Disney is creating a brand new attraction called “The Line”, which is where you just stand in line. Despite this, not everyone is a fan of waiting in line, which is why one woman is now suing Disney because the lines are too long.

Disney Sued Over Long Lines

In a recent court filing in the state of Florida, a woman is suing Disney because she claims that the queues at Disney World are unreasonably long. This caused her emotional distress and ruined the magical experience that Disney promises. In the court documents, she argues that the prolonged wait times for attractions are a breach of the magical contract visitors enter into when stepping through the gates of the happiest place on earth. 

Woman takes Disney to court, claiming wait times are too long
Woman takes Disney to court, claiming wait times are too long

The woman insists that Disney’s failure to provide a more efficient ride access system has resulted in severe emotional trauma. She states, “I’m not asking for the moon here. I understand waiting is part of the deal, but there’s a limit, and Disney has exceeded it.” As one might expect, the woman will not have a lawyer and is instead representing herself in court.

The woman is asking Disney for $1,000,000 in damages as well as a full refund for her trip. She claims that no amount of money will truly fix the trauma that she experienced. However, she feels $1,000,000 is a good start. Of course, she is asking for her entire trip to be refunded by Disney as well. She claims, “By visiting Disney World, we enter a contract where I pay to ride their rides. However, Disney broke the contract by having wait times that are unreasonably long.”

Reaction to Disney World Line Lawsuit

As expected, a lot of people have a lot of opinions on the woman suing Disney World for the lines being too long. In fact, many people are actually supporting her. A lot of Disney parkgoers want Disney to be sued over the long lines so they make changes. They say that if she wins the case, Disney will need to do something to shorten their lines so they don’t get sued by someone else. 

The lines continue to get longer each week at Disney World
The lines continue to get longer each week at Disney World

Meanwhile, there are plenty of people mocking the woman for this lawsuit. In fact, this comes as no surprise. Any time a lawsuit that seems ridiculous is brought to the table, people immediately take to social media to mock the person suing the company. A lot of people think this lawsuit is ridiculous on its face and that she has no chance of winning.

We reached out to one of America’s top judges for their thoughts. According to them, this woman has virtually no chance of winning against Disney. They claim that she has almost no legal ground to stand on. The judge said that even if the lines were long, that’s part of visiting Disney World and if she doesn’t like it, she can leave at any time. They are giving her a less than 1% chance of winning this case against Disney.

What do you think of the woman suing Disney because the lines are too long? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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You know what I love about your posts? The fact that the crazier the world gets, & the greedier Disney gets, they’re easier to believe!