Disney Announces “The Line”: An Attraction That’s a Line

"The Line" is Disney's newest attraction and is literally just a line

Disney is all about providing their guests with unique experiences. Whether it’s the new tasting experience coming to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure or Adult Only Days, the goal is to make your vacation more magical. Disney has the incredible ability to make anything and everything magical. This is especially true with “The Line”, Disney’s newest experience, which is an attraction that is just a line.

"The Line" is Disney's newest attraction and is literally just a line
“The Line” is Disney’s newest attraction and is literally just a line

We know that Disney is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries. We saw this with the roller coaster that jumps the track. Also, their plans for a euthanasia roller coaster is top of the line innovation. However, they are always looking for ways to outdo themselves. Their newest attempt may do just that. Creating an attraction that is just a line, is so fresh and so Disney.

Waiting in Line for “The Line”

Queueing is one of Disney’s greatest strengths. No one knows more about lines than Disney does. They have found ways to be tricky with their lines in the past. For example, paying people to stand in lines to make them longer, which we reported on here. However, getting people to wait in line just to wait in a line is the most innovative thing Disney has done for a while and we are certainly impressed.

The Line will replace Stitch's Great Escape
The Line will replace Stitch’s Great Escape. Photo via blogmickey.com

The Line is the newest attraction announced for Disney World. It will be built in none other than Tomorrowland. This makes sense because The Line is so futuristic and innovative. In fact, it will be built where Stitch’s Great Escape once was. “The Line” is just as it sounds, an attraction that is just waiting in a line. Essentially, you will wait in a line to experience the line, which is just standing in a line. However, there is more to the story.

The idea behind The Line is to give guests a unique experience that they will remember forever. The Line will have a very basic design to it. It will essentially wrap around the building and guests will just be able to wait in it and walk through it. This experience allows guests to enjoy waiting in a line, with no destination or “ride” at the end of it. It sounds crazy but is generating a lot of excitement.

Why is Disney Making a Ride That’s a Line?

The idea behind The Line comes from deep psychological roots. The reason many people may not like lines at Disney is because they are anxiously awaiting what is at the end of them. Disney understands this and is about to change the line waiting experience forever. Standing in a line without a specified destination makes the line far more enjoyable and relaxing. This is the benefit that The Line is intended to bring to guests.

Waiting in line for an attraction that is a line is Disney's newest development
Waiting in line for an attraction that is a line is Disney’s newest development. Photo via disneyfoodblog.com

We talked to a world-renowned psychologist to understand the phenomenon. According to the psychologist, Disney is onto something. In fact, they expect The Line to be one of the most popular attractions at Disney. According to our source, waiting in lines can have a lot of benefits. It can help with anxiety, depression, and create special bonds between people. However, the lines at Disney are so overwhelming, with a destination at the end, that people never get those benefits.

The psychologist believes that if executed right, people will really enjoy an attraction that is just a line. Disney is banking on this too. It certainly sounds odd to have an attraction that’s a line when you wait in lines all day, but it will likely be very popular. Guests won’t be able to get enough of this line and soon the lines for The Line will be longer than any other lines in the park. It’s a revolutionary attraction that Disney is placing huge bets on.

What do you think of “The Line”, an attraction that is waiting in a line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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I have no interest in spending my money for this line experience.