You Can be Buried in The Haunted Mansion Graveyard

You can be buried in the Haunted Mansion graveyard

Disney World’s Haunted Mansion is a beloved attraction known for its spooky atmosphere and iconic ghostly residents. It’s famously home to 999 happy haunts, but as you know, there’s room for 1,000. You can now be one of those lucky happy haunts. Disney is allowing select guests to be buried in Disney’s famous Haunted Mansion cemetery when they die.

Rest Rest in Peace in The Haunted Mansion Graveyard when you die
Rest in Peace in The Haunted Mansion Graveyard. Photo via 4K WDW Youtube

It was just announced that guests can be buried in the graveyard in The Haunted Mansion queue at Disney World. This brand new offering is met with enthusiasm from Disney fans who dream of spending eternity in their favorite theme park, at their favorite ride.

The graveyard is located in a peaceful, secluded corner of The Haunted Mansion’s queue, right outside of the main doors to the attraction. Here, guests can rest in peace surrounded by the attraction’s eerie atmosphere. The gravesite is conveniently located in a place where friends, family, and even strangers can easily visit and pay their respects. 

Be buried in Haunted Mansion Graveyard
You can now be buried in Haunted Mansion Graveyard. Photo via

A burial at The Haunted Mansion will come at a cost. For only $99,999 you can buy a burial plot in The Haunted Mansion queue. However, there will only be 20 grave plots available for purchase. If you want one, you’ll need to act fast. Haunted Mansion has been in the news a lot recently. We recently reported here that you can get married at The Haunted Mansion. It’s just so fitting that you can now get buried there as well.

Disney selling burial plots in Haunted Mansion when you die
Disney selling burial plots in Haunted Mansion when you die. Photo via

We want to note that this is only the cost for the burial plot and does not include a funeral service. If you want a funeral service at Disney’s Haunted Mansion, there will be additional fees. As of now Disney will only offer funerals at The Haunted Mansion to those 20 people who buy the grave plots. This is not currently an option for the general public, but could be in the future.

How can you be buried at the Haunted Mansion?

Great question! To be eligible for burial at The Haunted Mansion, guests must have a valid will stating their desire to be laid to rest at the attraction. They also need the appropriate legal documentation. And of course sign up and pay the $99,999 for the plot. Space is limited, so those interested in this burial service are encouraged to make final arrangements as soon as possible.

If you dream of spending eternity at Disney World, now is your chance! This provides guests the unique opportunity to be buried outside one of the most iconic attractions at Disney. It’s a chance to spend eternity in a place that brings joy and happiness to so many people. You’ll also be surrounded by the ghosts that have become such an integral part of the Disney experience.

You can be buried in the Haunted Mansion graveyard
You can be buried in The Haunted Mansion graveyard. Photo via

If you can’t afford a $99,999 burial plot outside The Haunted Mansion or aren’t lucky enough to snag one of 20 spots, there’s an alternative option. We recently reported here that guests can now legally be buried at Walt Disney World. However, this burial site is where the Walt Disney World Speedway once existed. Sadly, it isn’t inside the Magic Kingdom. But hey, you’ll still spend eternity at The Most Magical Place on Earth!

While it may seem unconventional, burials at The Haunted Mansion have been met with great enthusiasm from Disney fans who see it as a way to truly become a part of the magic. So why not make The Haunted Mansion your final resting place and join the ranks of its ghostly inhabitants? It’s a chance to experience the ultimate in rest and relaxation, surrounded by the magic and wonder of Disney World.

What do you think of Disney allowing guests to be buried at The Haunted Mansion? It’s only $99,999 to be laid to rest there. Any volunteers?

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