2025 Super Bowl Will Be Played at Disney World

Official logo of Super Bowl 59, coming to Disney World

The Super Bowl is the most important sporting event in the US and often the most watched sporting event in the world. Disney is heavily involved in the Super Bowl every year. They own the most popular line, “I’m going to Disney World” or “I’m going to Disneyland”. Well, in 2025, the Super Bowl winners won’t have to go too far as the Super Bowl will be played at Disney World.

Super Bowl parade at Disney World with Patrick Mahomes
Disney is the host of the Super Bowl parade the day after. Photo via Disney

The first instance of “I’m going to Disney World” after a Super Bowl came in 1987. Phil Simms, the New York Giants Quarterback, was paid $75,000 for this line. It originated as a marketing campaign for Disney and was a solid one. It continues today, with the most recent winner, Patrick Mahomes saying the famous line “I’m going to Disneyland”.

The day after the Super Bowl, the winner takes a trip to Disneyland or Disney World to be in the Super Bowl parade. This is truly a magical experience and makes the tie-in to Disney even larger. Disney will capitalize on this even more with the new announcement that Disney World will host the 2025 Super Bowl.

Why is Disney World Hosting the 2025 Super Bowl?

Disney World just won the bid to host the 2025 Super Bowl. This announcement comes right after the conclusion of the 2023 Super Bowl this past weekend. However, typically, the location of the Super Bowls is determined 3-6 years in advance. In fact, Super Bowl 59 (LIX), which is happening on February 9, 2025, already had a location. However, Disney just trumped that.

Official logo of Super Bowl 59, coming to Disney World
First look at the logo for Super Bowl 59, coming to Disney World

Super Bowl 59 (LIX) was set for New Orleans Caesars Superdome. But Disney submitted a late bid for the Super Bowl and it was approved. This comes after Disney provided additional support and plans for a brand-new NFL stadium! That’s right, Disney is planning to build a new NFL stadium and it will be ready for the 2025 Super Bowl in two years. These are two breaking Disney news stories in one.

Disney came back to the NFL with a proposal for a brand new NFL stadium to be ready in 2025 to host the Super Bowl. They put up an aggressive bid and the NFL granted the change. Because of this, Super Bowl 59 will be played in Disney World’s new NFL Stadium rather than New Orleans. This isn’t the first time Disney has hijacked a huge event. As we reported here, Disney is the new sponsor of New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

Why is Disney Building a New NFL Stadium?

Disney is deciding to build an NFL stadium specifically for the Super Bowl. However, we have speculation that there is more to this story. Very few details were released about this new Disney World NFL stadium. All we know so far is that it is being built as a host to the 2025 Super Bowl. And what is amazing is Disney hasn’t even broken ground on this new NFL stadium yet. Also, the location has yet to be disclosed as well.

Early concept art of Disney World's new NFL Stadium for Super Bowl 59
Early concept art of Disney World’s new NFL Stadium for Super Bowl 59

According to an official announcement, “Disney World is excited to be the host of the 2025 Super Bowl! We are excited to welcome 85,000+ people to a brand new stadium located on Disney World property.” As you can see, this new Disney Stadium is going to be huge. A capacity of 85,000 will make it the largest NFL stadium, which also plays into why the NFL wants to host a Super Bowl there.

The picture above is the initial concept art of the new Disney NFL stadium. However, this is a very early render and we expect a lot to change. So many details are still outstanding on this new stadium from the name to the location. Also if there will be more future use for this stadium. It’s possible a new or existing NFL team moves to Florida. It may also be used just to host the Pro Bowl or College Football Playoffs. We will provide more updates as the come, so make sure you follow us on social media @mousetrapnews.

What do you think of Disney being the new host of Super Bowl 59? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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