A Brand New Water Slide is Coming to EPCOT

Concept art of new water slide coming to World Showcase in EPCOT

Disney World is known for its family-friendly theme parks and attractions, and EPCOT is no exception. EPCOT, which originally opened in 1982, is a theme park dedicated to technology and the future. It also highlights the culture and cuisine of various countries. However, in a surprising move, Disney announced they will be adding a water slide to EPCOT, bringing a new level of excitement to the park.

Concept art of new water slide coming to World Showcase in EPCOT
Concept art of new water slide coming to World Showcase in EPCOT. Photo via thesun.co.uk

The water slide, named “World Wide Water Slide”, will be located in the World Showcase section of EPCOT. It will feature a colorful design inspired by various cultures around the world, such as the vibrant hues of Mexico and the geometric patterns of Morocco. The slide will be 120 feet tall, thus making it one of the tallest water slides in Disney World.

A New Thrill at EPCOT

The ride itself will be a thrilling experience for guests of all ages. Riders will climb to the top of the slide and then plummet down a steep drop. It will be full of twists and turns as they make their way to the bottom. Lastly, the slide will empty out into World Showcase Lagoon, giving riders a refreshing and exciting finish to the ride.

The World Wide Water Slide will be located near the Port of Entry shop. This puts it conveniently between Future World and World Showcase. As noted above, the water slide is 120 feet tall. This is the same height as the popular Summit Plummet at Blizard Beach. This is truly a thrill ride for guests, looking for something new and fresh to do at EPCOT.

New EPCOT water slide will be as tall as Summit Plummet
The new EPCOT water slide will be as tall as Summit Plummet. Photo via Disney

Adding a water slide to EPCOT may seem like an odd choice given the park’s focus on education and innovation. However, Disney is known for constantly evolving and updating its parks to keep them fresh and exciting for guests. By adding the World Wide Water Slide to EPCOT, Disney is providing a new form of entertainment that will appeal to families and thrill-seekers alike. While there is no set opening date, we expect construction to begin soon and the slide to open in the summer of 2024.

Why is Disney adding a Water Slide to EPCOT?

The addition of the World Wide Water Slide is due to guest demand. EPCOT is widely considered the hottest of all Disney World parks. In fact, guests have been begging for ways to cool down inside the park. This is a great way to achieve that and offer something fun and unique. On top of that, Disney is constantly looking for ways to expand and update its offerings, with new rides, shows, and events being added all the time. This new water slide at EPCOT is another great example of that. 

New Bungee Jumping experience coming to Tower of Terror
New bungee Jumping experience coming to Tower of Terror

This is much like how Disney is adding a rock climbing experience to Cinderella Castle as we reported here. Or another unique and fun experience is the surfing experience also inside World Showcase Lagoon. These are all great ways Disney can grow their in-park offerings to appeal to a wide variety of guests and their preferences. 

Whether you’re a fan of classic Disney characters, cutting-edge technology, or high-speed thrills, there is something for everyone at Disney World. Now, grab your swimsuit and get ready to make a splash at EPCOT with the new World Wide Water Slide. It’s sure to be a thrilling and refreshing addition to the park, and a great way to beat the heat on a hot summer day.

What do you think of Disney adding a water slide to World Showcase in EPCOT? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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