BREAKING: Disney World Tickets May Soon be Free

Disney World may be free if they successfully become a Florida non-profit
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A trip to Disney World is expensive, no matter the size of your party. In fact, an average day at Disney World for a family of four will cost you around $1,000-$2,000 or more. Tickets will cost about $160 per person per day, plus the hotel will cost $50-300 per person per day. Luckily, Disney World may soon be free if they are approved as a non-profit.

Disney World may be free if they successfully become a Florida non-profit
Disney World may be free if it successfully becomes a Florida non-profit

Ticket prices are a significant part of the cost of going to Disney World. In fact, this is usually half the cost. Of course, hotels at Disney World aren’t cheap either. Luckily, we are friends with The World of DVC, which has Disney hotel rooms up to 65% off. You can book your Disney hotel with them here. Despite those great savings, it’s still expensive with the park tickets. Luckily, with the new non-profit status Disney is attempting to achieve, Disney World park tickets would be free.

Disney World Ticket Will Soon Be Free?

It sounds too good to be true, but it may soon be free to go inside any Disney World park. Of course, you will still need to pay for food and Wi-Fi. However, the park tickets would be free for anyone and everyone. It’s also worth noting that you will still need to make one of those painful and annoying park reservations. This is to help monitor crowd levels so Disney can staff accordingly. It’s annoying, but at least it makes sense, unlike Genie+.

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As we alluded to, despite park tickets being free at Disney World, many things will still be paid for. For example, Hotels will still cost you, which is why we recommend booking with The World of DVC here. Also, Disney is going to continue to gauge you with their souvenir prices. Yes, that’s right, it’s still going to cost you $49.99 for that plastic Starbucks cup that costs them $0.50 to make. Also, a subpar hamburger will still cost you $15.

Free entry to all Disney World parks seems crazy and people are asking if they will have to pay for each ride. While that was planned a while back, which we reported on here, that seems to be off the chart. There will be no fee to ride any of the Disney World rides or enter their theme parks. That will all be free and it’s thanks to the new non-profit status that Disney is attempting to be approved for, which we will break down.

Disney World Will Become a Non-Profit?

Disney World is currently in the final stages of applying to become a non-profit in the state of Florida. If they are granted non-profit status, they will remove all costs from their park entry. Instead, the park ticket costs will be subsidized by Florida taxpayers. Essentially, Disney would receive massive tax breaks being a non-profit and be heavily funded by the state of Florida.

If Disney World becomes a non-profit, their theme parks will be free to enter
If Disney World becomes a non-profit, its theme parks will be free to enter

It’s the perfect combination of tax breaks and funding that allows Disney to subsidize the cost of park tickets. This would be a huge win for Disney. They know that this will drastically increase the number of visitors to their parks. It’s free, why wouldn’t people go? Also, Disney will continue to make a ton of money on each visitor from food and souvenirs. This move by Disney would primarily be funded by Florida, which is another win. As we know, Disney continues to battle Ron DeSantis and Florida.

Despite this good news for Disney, many are furious. First off, the parks are going to be far more crowded. We know Disney already has issues with too many visitors and not enough to do. This will make the lines significantly longer. Also, Florida residents aren’t happy as this will likely increase the sales tax in Florida from 6% to 9% in order to fund Disney parkgoers. Of course, this hasn’t been approved yet and there is a chance that the Florida government will reject it in the final stages of approval. 

What do you think of Free entry at Disney World tickets due to Disney becoming a non-profit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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