Crickets Replacing French Fries at Disney World

Disney sadly replacing french fries with crickets
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Disney World is known for its unique and delicious cuisine. In fact, some people go to Disney World just for the food, despite the standardized menu they are promoting here. Disney food is good. From the chicken tenders to the dole whip, there is something for everyone. However, Disney is making a huge and controversial change to their food offering. Crickets will now replace french fries as a side option at Disney World.

Disney sadly replacing french fries with crickets
Disney is sadly replacing french fries with crickets

Disney World’s latest menu addition might be too unconventional for some visitors. That’s right, in a surprising move, Disney announced they will replace their traditional french fries with crickets as a side in all restaurants. This means no more french fries at Disney World! This decision has sparked controversy among park-goers and food critics alike. We will dive into the two reasons Disney is making this massive and controversial change.

Save The Environment, Destroy Your Brand 

According to an internal source, the switch to crickets as a side is a response to the growing concern over sustainability. It’s also a way to lessen the environmental impact of traditional livestock farming. Insects, like crickets, require significantly less water, land, and food to produce than traditional livestock. This makes them a more eco-friendly alternative. Disney hopes that this move will promote sustainable food practices and encourage visitors to try new and unique dishes.

Disney World serving crickets instead of french fries
Disney World serving crickets instead of french fries. Photo via Marukosu/Shutterstock

However, some visitors are skeptical of this move. They have raised concerns about the taste, texture, and even the ethics of consuming insects. Disney is assuring visitors that the crickets will be prepared and cooked to the highest standard of food safety and hygiene. The crickets will also be served in various dishes to cater to different dietary preferences and cultural backgrounds.

Just because Disney says the bugs will be served properly and they are good for the environment, doesn’t mean guests are on board. In fact, most guests are invigorated by this. Many of them claim Disney has the best french fries in the world. Better than McDonald’s or Taco Bell’s french fries. So they are disappointed that Disney is getting rid of their fries.

Health Benefits of Crickets

While the idea of munching on crickets is off-putting to most, crickets are apparently a highly nutritious source of protein. In fact, they are rich in vitamins and minerals such as B12, iron, and calcium. Unlike traditional French fries, which are high in unhealthy fats and sodium, crickets have a much healthier nutrient profile. But come on, fries are very tasty and taste is more important to Americans.

Disney World replacing french fries with crickets
Disney replacing french fries with crickets due to “health benefits”. Photo via

Disney wants to offer their guests something healthier than french fries. This is certainly an interesting position to take. Many guests do complain about the lack of healthy food options at Disney World. However, replacing fries completely with crickets is a bold move. Most guests prefer a choice between fries and crickets. Very few guests are happy they will be forced to eat bugs at Disney World. Guests would prefer fruit or vegetables over crickets. Especially with how much they grow in Living with the Land!

This huge change to Disney dining options has most guests furious. It’s clear the switch to crickets as a side is part of a larger effort to promote a more sustainable and healthy dining experience for guests. However, this isn’t what guests are asking for. This is certainly a way to ruin the guest experience at Disney World. However, they don’t seem to care about their consumer here. 

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