Disneyland Will No Longer Have Fireworks Shows

One of the best parts of any Disney park is its spectacular fireworks display at the end of the day. The combination of the amazing fireworks with the fantastic soundtrack makes for a moment guests remember forever. Unfortunately, due to California government restrictions, Disneyland will no longer have fireworks shows.

Disneyland fireworks shows are coming to an end
Disneyland fireworks shows are coming to an end

Currently, Disneyland has a firework spectacular for the 100th anniversary of Disney called Wondrous Journeys. They also offer seasonal fireworks shows during Halloween, Christmas, and more. Over in California Adventure, they offer The World of Color. This famous water show has a few fireworks and will also be impacted, as will Fantasmic.

Why Will Disneyland No Longer Have Fireworks?

Most would assume Disneyland is ending its fireworks for financial reasons. After all, Disney is doing everything it can to extract money from its guests. We saw this with Disney World starting their Christmas Party in June as we reported here. Also, Lightning Lane coming to Starbucks in Disney World. However, that is not the case here.

California government bans Disneyland from launching fireworks
California government bans Disneyland from launching fireworks. Photo via Associated Press

Disneyland will stop shooting off fireworks because of the California government. The California government likes to get in the way of life and make things worse for its constituents. This is what is happening with Disneyland fireworks. In some cases, it’s appropriate for the state government to interfere like in Florida. The government is trying to save Splash Mountain as we reported here. However, in this case, California’s intervention is not wanted or helpful.

The state of California is barring Disney from launching fireworks. They claim their fireworks are an environmental hazard. The government determined that Disney is polluting the air too much and fireworks are a leading cause. Because of this, they are requiring Disneyland to ban all fireworks. This applies to full fireworks shows. It also applies to the few fireworks shot off during Fantasmic and World of Color. Disneyland is banned from launching any fireworks into the sky.

What Will Happen to Disneyland Fireworks Shows?

According to an internal source, the ban is not in place yet. The California government is actively trying to end all fireworks (and happiness) at Disneyland. However, Disney is fighting back against this ban. They are making a case that fireworks are a necessary part of business and that the pollution is insignificant.

California Government vs Disneyland fight over fireworks ban
California Government vs Disneyland fight over fireworks ban

While this battle is being fought, it allows Disneyland to continue shooting off fireworks. They will be able to launch fireworks until this ban is officially implemented. With that being said, they are hoping they can ban the ban altogether. That way they can continue to launch fireworks at free will. So far, Disney is losing to state governments, as we are seeing in Florida. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds in California.

If this ban does happen, Disney will rework their fireworks shows. According to our internal source, they are exploring adding giant projectors behind Sleeping Beauty Castle to project fireworks into the sky. They are also exploring a fireworks show using drones. However, at this point, it’s too early to confirm their next steps.

What do you think of Disneyland no longer having fireworks shows? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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