Donate a Kidney, Get a Free Annual Pass to Disney World

Donate your kidney for a free Disney World annual pass
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The cost of going to Disney World goes up every single year. The ticket prices continue to skyrocket. Also, the hotel prices are constantly on the rise. The good news is our friends at The World of DVC have Disney hotels that you can book for up to 65% off, here! One might say a trip to Disney World will cost you an arm and a leg. However, now, a Disney trip may cost you a kidney. If you donate one of yours, you can get a free annual pass to Disney World.

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People are always looking for ways to afford a trip to the most magical place on Earth. Whether it’s a side job, working extra hours, or cutting back on spending, people will do what it takes to go to Disney. Affording a trip to such a magical place is no easy task. The good news is those who have an extra kidney to spare can get a free annual pass to Disney World. This is a great way to help cover some of the expenses associated with a Disney trip and do something good. We’ll dive into why Disney is doing this and how you can donate your kidney for a free Disney Annual pass.

Donating a Kidney for a Free Disney World Annual Pass

Kidneys are currently some of the most in-demand human body parts. There is a vast shortage of kidney donations across the US. As a way to encourage people to donate a kidney to those in need, Disney is offering a free annual pass in exchange. For those not familiar, it’s illegal to be paid for donating a kidney. However, providing someone with a reimbursement, like a Disney World annual pass is not considered illegal, even though it’s valued at $1,400.

Donate your kidney for a free Disney World annual pass
Donate your kidney for a free Disney World Annual Pass

That’s a great deal for those willing and able to donate a kidney. However, it’s worth noting that many sources say a kidney is worth $262,000 on the black market. So if someone ever tells you you’re worthless, just remember, your two kidneys are worth over $500,000! You could buy 350 Disney annual passes from selling your kidneys, assuming you don’t die from not having any kidneys. Of course, there are many potential problems with trying to sell your kidney on the black market, so that might be a tough sell.

This isn’t the first time Disney has offered a reward for donating parts of your body. In fact, just recently, Disney opened a blood donation center inside one of their restaurants. Anyone who donated blood got free Genie+ for the day. You can read more about that here. It shows Disney is trying to do some good for the community by offering rewards for people donating parts of their bodies.

How Do I Donate My Kidneys at Disney World?

The donation process is a bit extensive. First off, you must apply to donate your kidney through Disney’s website. Once you get pre-approved, you can set up an initial consultation with your primary care physician. They will evaluate you and determine if you are healthy enough to donate your kidney. Once they sign off on the procedure, you will need to take a trip to Disney World to get your kidney removed.

Your kidney can get you an annual pass to Disney World!
Become a Disney World Annual Passholder by selling your kidney! Photo via Disney

That’s right, if you donate your kidney for a Disney Annual Pass, you must visit Disney World. Luckily, you will get free admission to Magic Kingdom for the day! The procedures will take place behind City Hall at Magic Kingdom. There is a small hospital set up in the back of City Hall for these procedures. However, you must sign up for a time slot ahead of time so Disney knows you are coming and so they have availability for it. Anyone donating a kidney gets a free park pass into the Magic Kingdom for the day. They can hang out in the park before and after their surgery.

This is a great offering by Disney. It incentivizes people to donate one of their kidneys to someone who needs it, all while complying with the law. This is truly a novel way to encourage donation and it’s possible we see more like this from Disney in the future. Maybe donate your eyes for a Disney World Lifetime Pass. Or donate your kids for free dinner at Cinderella Castle. Who knows where they will take it.

What do you think of donating a kidney for a Disney World Annual Pass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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does the kidney has to be mine in order to get free tickets?