Free and Discounted Disney Tickets for Influencers

Disney influencers can get free and discounted park tickets

The Disney influencer floodgate is wide open. In fact, there are over 500,000 Disney influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. While the Disney influencer market may be oversaturated, everyone wants a piece of it. We expect the market to get even bigger with the announcement that Disney influencers will have access to free and discounted Disney park tickets through a new Disney influencer program.

Disney influencers can get free and discounted park tickets
Disney influencers can get free and discounted park tickets

If you search #distok on TikTok you will see it has 1.8B views. Using TikTok as a platform to share Disney content has grown the Disney community exponentially. While there is more supply than demand, this isn’t stopping more people from becoming Disney influencers every single day. Whether they are doing it for fun, to make friends, or to make money, the number of influencers keeps growing.

Disney loves nothing more than having hundreds of thousands of influencers talking about them every single day. As the old saying goes, all PR is good PR. However, Disney is thirsty for more. That’s why they are now offering discounted and free tickets to Disney influencers in this new program.

How Do I Get Free Disney World and Disneyland Tickets?

Disney will offer different ticket discounts based on the number of followers you have across all social media channels. There is a range of followers that you need to hit to even be considered, and it starts at 10,000. And the more followers you have, the greater the discount. These ticket discounts will apply to Disney World and Disneyland.

New Disney Influencer Program rewards influencers with discounted Disney tickets
New Disney Influencer Program rewards influencers with discounted Disney tickets

As seen in the chart above, for those who have 10,000 followers, you can get Disney tickets discounted at 10% off. This isn’t much, however, it’s a great start! If you have 50,000 followers, you can get tickets at 25% off. For those with 100,000 followers, you can get tickets at 50%. For those with over 500,000 followers, you can get Disney tickets for free! This is an incredible deal for those that fall into that range.

Of course, with anything, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Disney also has to approve influencers for the discounts. Those interested need to fill out an application with Disney for the new Disney Influencer Program. During the application, you must share all of your social statistics. This includes followers, likes, engagement rate, and even sample content. Ultimately, to be selected for this new program, you need to have a strong following and focus your content on Disney. Just posting one or two videos about Disney will not be sufficient.

Why is Disney Giving Influencers Free Tickets?

This is completely a marketing play by Disney. They want those who talk about Disney to continue to talk about Disney until your ears bleed. They need to continuously find ways to penetrate your mind and keep their brand in front of potential consumers. We recently reported on their new mind-controlling patent here. This is a similar, but different way to control the minds of their consumers. 

Disney Influencers can get free Disney World and Disneyland tickets
Get free Disney tickets if you are an influencer! Photo via

Discounted Disney World and Disneyland tickets are rare. For those influencers who can take advantage, this is a great opportunity. They already spend a lot of their time in the Disney parks, just this time, they won’t have to pay in full for their tickets. This is a win-win for the influencers and Disney. Disney gets “free PR” and the influencers get cheap Disney tickets.

This deal applies to individual tickets as well as annual passes. Also, for Florida residents, this discount applies on top of the Florida resident discounts! Even though the Disney influencer market is already oversaturated with influencers, this is an incentive from Disney to get more influencers into the market to make great content.

What do you think of Disney influencers getting free and discounted tickets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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