Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind After Hours Now Open

New Adult only ride coming to Cosmic Rewind at EPCOTt

Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is the most popular ride at Disney World. In fact, Cosmic Rewind shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. Because of this, Disney is looking for more ways to keep the new attraction top of mind and fun. That’s why Disney is now offering a brand new experience for adults only, Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind After Hours.

New Adult only ride coming to Cosmic Rewind at EPCOTt
Cosmic Rewind After Hours is now open during Extra Magic Hours

This brand new exciting adventure for adults only is starting now in 2023. Guests can experience Cosmic Rewind to explicit, adult songs. However, After Hours is only be available during extra magic hours at EPCOT and will require a ride reservation. That comes as no surprise as this is how the ride queuing works currently.

Here is a snippet from Disney’s website, “Take off on an intergalactic chase through space and time with the Guardians of the Galaxy. When the sun goes down the party begins. Turn it up with your favorite Guardians and some of your favorite adult songs. Featuring 6 explicit songs from your favorite artists. This late night experience is only for guests 17 and older.”

Guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind after hours
A look at Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind After Hours on Disney’s Website

Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind After Hours ride reservations will open at 3:00 PM ET. However, it will only be available for certain guests. As you can see in the description from Disney, the ride requires guests to be 17 years or older to ride. Guests under 17 will not be able to book a reservation for the ride in the My Disney Experience app.

The other requirement is guests need to have entered EPCOT at some point during the day. Also, if already got a Guardians reservation earlier, no worries. You’ll be able to get an After Hours reservation on top of the original one. Because of that, guests are able to ride Cosmic Rewind twice in a day, without needing Genie+! This is great news!

Now the most important part, the songs for Cosmic Rewind After Hours. Disney will play Lose Yourself by Eminem, Right Above It by Lil Wayne, Mo Bamba by Shek Wes, Power by Kanye, Forever by Drake, and 7 Rings by Ariana Grande. Disney is going with a heavy hip hop and rap mix. It features some of the top songs from the past 20 years.

Artists appearing in Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind After Hours
Artists appearing in Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind After Hours

Disney is starting to make a shift towards more adult artists in general. We recently saw that Disney will retheme Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster to Olivia Rodrigo, which we reported on here. They could have gone more family oriented like Queen, Kiss, or another rock band, however, they went with an appeal to millennials. This is an interesting choice given Disney targets families. Also, statistically millennials are the least family oriented generation in the last century.

There are a few other examples of Disney targeting adults more as well. Here we talk about stroller free days coming to Disney World. We also have an article here on adult only days coming to Disney World. These are big decisions by Disney to appeal to an older audience when their core audience is families. This certainly raises and eyebrow at their motivations.

Adult Only Days coming to Disney World, no kids allowed
Adult Only Days was the start of Disney making their theme parks more adult targeted

What’s amazing about Cosmic Rewind is the flexibility to change the music in the attraction. We just saw Disney do a Christmas overlay. They played a brand new Christmas song which was a mashup of top Christmas songs. That song included a new Christmas song specifically for the ride, Run Rocket Run. Cosmic Rewind Christmas is an interesting experience. Regardless, it shows how easily they can modify the ride experience for the better.

Are you excited for Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind After Hours? This is a fun idea for adults, but does take away from the family experience of the ride. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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