Adult Only Days Coming to Disney World!

Are you tired of being hit by strollers at Disney or not being able to see fireworks because there is a kid on shoulders in front of you? You are in luck! Disney has just announced they will be offering Adult Only Days at Disney World starting in 2023.

On select dates, anyone under the age of 12 will not be allowed in specified Disney Parks. Adult Only Days will happen at each Disney World Park on a rotating basis. So far Disney has only announced dates for Q1 of 2023. We are speculating this is a trial run by Disney to see how people react. See the calendar below, which outlines all of the dates for Adult Only Days by each park.

Adult only days coming to disney world, look at the calendar
Adult only days calendar for Walt Disney World

For those of you who have kids under the age of 12, it will be best to keep this calendar in mind as you schedule your park reservations. The good news is Disney will not allow you to make a park reservation for an Adult Only Day if someone in your My Disney Experience party is under the age of 12.

Disney has increasingly become more of a destination for “kidults”, families without kids, and families with older kids. This appears to be an appeal to those guests that don’t want to deal with strollers and the crying for a day. This is yet another controversial decision by Disney. We anticipate this decision will bring mixed reactions on social media. We expect to see some people very excited by this decision and others infuriated.

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