Guests Sneak Dead Taxidermied Family Member Into Disney

Family brings dead, taxidermied grandpa to Disney.

Disney World is one of the most iconic places in the world to spread the ashes of a loved one after they pass away. This is absolutely against the park rules, however, people still do it. This oftentimes leads to people getting banned from the Disney Parks for breaking that rule. One family got creative by sneaking their taxidermied family member into Disney World.

Family brings dead, taxidermied grandpa to Disney.
Family brings dead, taxidermied grandpa to Disney. Original, unaltered photo via Benjamin Esham Flickr.

We have seen some strange things happen at Disney World in the past few years. From someone shutting down Living with the Land after farting on it to a woman giving birth on Rock ‘n’ roller coaster. However, this story puts those two to shame. Sneaking a taxidermied family member into Disney World is a new level of absurdity and we will share all of the details on it.

How to Sneak a Dead Person Into Disney World

There are so many questions about sneaking a dead person into Disney World. For example, how did they get into Disney? Why would someone do this? How were they caught? We will get to all of those questions. However, we will tackle how they got into Disney World in the first place as that is impressive in itself. We just wonder if they will end up burying their loved one at the Haunted Mansion

Family uses electric scooter to transport dead grandpa around Magic Kingdom
Family uses electric scooter to transport dead grandpa around Magic Kingdom. Photo via

According to the family, they put their recently deceased grandpa on an electric scooter. One person walked next to the scooter and helped drive him around. When it came to entering the park, they assisted their taxidermied grandpa by scanning his ticket and lifting his hand onto the fingerprint scanner. They informed Cast Members that their grandpa was getting sick and needed a lot of assistance. In order to appear not dead, they dressed him in a hat and sunglasses, so the Disney Cast Members couldn’t tell he was actually dead and just taxidermied.

The family followed this process as they walked through the park and went on rides. When the Magic Kingdom is busy, it’s hard to keep tabs on all guests and see stuff like this happening. When the family was boarding the rides, they helped their dead relative get on the ride by lifting him up and appearing to walk them onto the ride like you would with anyone who is elderly and struggles to walk. Apparently, Disney even temporarily halted the Peoplemover to help this dead grandpa get on the ride.

Why Bring a Taxidermied Relative to Disney World?

In terms of why someone would do this, according to the family, they wanted their deceased grandpa to experience Disney rides one last time before being laid to rest. The family later went on to state that it was his dying wish to visit Disney World one last time, but he was too sick for that. When he passed away, they got him taxidermied and drove him to Disney World. Their plan was to take their deceased family member on his favorite Disney rides one last time, then bury him. They were semi-successful as they managed to sneak him on two rides before ultimately being caught.

Dead family member rides two Disney rides before getting caught
Dead family member rides two Disney rides before getting caught

The family took their taxidermied grandpa onto the Peoplemover as noted above as well as Carousel of Progress, but were ultimately caught at the Haunted Mansion. According to reports, the family accidentally dropped their dead grandpa as they were transferring him to the Doombuggy. Disney stopped the ride immediately and quickly realized something was wrong. They discovered that the person who had fallen was actually dead and taxidermied. This knocked the Cast Members working dead.

The family said their grandpa didn’t want to be cremated, so the only way to get him on Disney rides one last time was to have a taxidermist stuff him and bring him to Disney. They had hopes of not getting caught, however, that was not the case. According to official reports, everyone in the family is currently banned from Disney. While the rules don’t explicitly state you can’t bring a dead person into Disney World, it should be assumed.

What do you think of a family bringing a dead relative into Disney World to ride their final rides? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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