Is The Haunted Mansion Closing Permanently?

Haunted Mansion may be closing permanently per new rumors

A new Haunted Mansion movie is releasing at the end of July 2023. This is 20 years after the Haunted Mansion movie with Eddie Murphy debuted. Fans of the ride and the original movie are excited for this fresh take on the Haunted Mansion. However, despite the new movie coming out, rumors are swirling that Haunted Mansion may be closing permanently.

Haunted Mansion may be closing permanently per new rumors
Haunted Mansion may be closing permanently per new rumors. Haunted Mansion photo via Disney

For those not aware, the Haunted Mansion movie coming out soon has a star-studded cast. It includes Owen Wilson, Ryan Gosling, Jamie Lee Curtis, and more. Here is a quick synopsis of the movie, “A single mom named Gabbie hires a tour guide, a psychic, a priest, and a historian to help exorcise her newly bought mansion after discovering it is inhabited by ghosts.” The movie has plenty of odes to the ride. So if a movie related to the Haunted Mansion ride is coming out, why might the ride close?

Rumors of Haunted Mansion Closing

It’s been many years since rumors of the Haunted Mansion closing have surfaced. Typically people just assume that it’s a very popular ride, so Disney would never consider closing it. Of course, that doesn’t mean Disney wouldn’t touch it. In fact, we reported here that Disney might add a Coco scene to the ride. That decision had many people angry, but also a lot of people loved the idea of the new scene.

Haunted Mansion movie is the last hope to save the ride at Disney World and Disneyland
Haunted Mansion movie is the last hope to save the ride at Disney World and Disneyland. Photo via

So why might Disney close Haunted Mansion? It stems from the lack of popularity and decline of interest in the ride. It’s a commonly known fact that when both Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror aren’t busy, they post a wait time of 13 minutes. This is a bit of a joke and also tells guests that the ride is a walk-on and that there is actually no wait. Haunted Mansion has posted a 13-minute wait more in the past two years than ever in history. This shows a clear decline in interest in the ride in both Disney World and Disneyland.

Haunted Mansion has also seen its fair share of weird things. For example, the family that brought their taxidermied grandpa on the ride as we reported here. This incident may have been the kiss of death for the ride. An incident like that causes mass hysteria and is a hard thing to bounce back from. While it may fit the theme of the Haunted Mansion, it isn’t helping its reputation. It’s primarily these two elements leading to speculation of the closure in both parks.

What Would Replace The Haunted Mansion?

There is a lot of speculation as to what might replace the Haunted Mansion if it closes permanently. Many people are suggesting a Hercules Zero to Hero ride would replace the Haunted Mansion. People have been begging for a Hercules ride for years. It may finally have its time to shine if the Haunted Mansion closes forever. The ride would essentially be a journey through the movie Hercules, with an amazing soundtrack to support it. The Haunted Mansion footprint is huge, which would allow for an amazing new ride to replace it.

A Hercules Zero to Hero ride is rumored to replace the Haunted Mansion
A Hercules Zero to Hero ride is rumored to replace the Haunted Mansion. Photo via Disney

Despite the great news of a Hercules ride coming the Disney Parks, some people are still in da Nile on the Jungle Cruise. They are asking why Disney would take the time to change the Haunted Mansion song if they are just going to close the ride. You can read about that here. Of course, the song is supposed to be based on the movie. The movie is supposed to save the ride, but that may not happen.

The Haunted Mansion movie is an attempt to save a dying attraction. However, Disney continues to kick rocks at the box office due to poor choices and lame movies. It appears if the Haunted Mansion movie fails, the ride will close permanently and likely be replaced with Hercules Zero to Hero. Many Haunted Mansion fans are upset with this news but comes as no surprise to many.

What do you think of Haunted Mansion closing permanently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 months ago

This article is a joke. The Haunted Mansion has never been more popular and a central ride at Disney Parks. The idea that Disney would even consider closing it is laughable. I believe this type of article is called ‘click bait’. This ‘journalist’ would have us believe that Disney would spend hundreds of millions of dollars creating a new movie and marketing it worldwide and then shut down the ride due to some ‘lie’ about ‘wait times’ for it. It’s shocking any website would publish something so clearly untrue is sad.

1 month ago

My bad….you got me on this one. Lol….

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
27 days ago
Reply to  Michael

You are so right!!! The left liberals freaks are trying to erase everything. They remove Haunted Mansion. Disney might has well close there doors.

Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker
1 month ago

I saw your video last night on this. You have the guts to call the Haunted Mansion a dust bucket! You need to stop lying to people, first it’s the “Dr. Doofenshmirtz Drop-Inator” retheme of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Then it’s the dispised Song of the South film returning to theaters. Now it’s this. You need to cut it out with the lies.