Mickey Mouse Worship Center Coming to Disney World

A look inside Mickey Mouse Worship Center
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Mickey Mouse is the most beloved Disney character of all time. In fact, when we broke the news here that he is being replaced as the official Disney mascot, the world almost ended. Many people were distraught. After all, Mickey Mouse is an integral part of so many people’s lives and childhood. Because of this love and devotion, Disney World is opening the first-ever Mickey Mouse Worship Center!

Disney building beautiful Mickey Mouse Worship Center
Disney building beautiful Mickey Mouse Worship Center

According to Google, the definition of religion is “the belief in and worship of a superhuman power or powers, especially a God or gods.” While the new Mickey Mouse worship center may not be exactly a religion, it treads close to one. We will break down all of the details around this new, semi-religious worship center coming to Disney property.

What is The Mickey Mouse Worship Center?

The Mickey Mouse Worship Center will be a church-like building coming to Walt Disney World property. It will be located near the Magic Kingdom, where the Walt Disney World Speedway once existed. It will be next to the new cemetery they are building where you can bury your loved ones. You can read about that here. It just makes sense that Disney is adding a Worship Center outside Magic Kingdom, as that’s The Most Magical Place on Earth.

A look inside Mickey Mouse Worship Center
A look inside Mickey Mouse Worship Center

The new worship center will share similarities to the Christian church. They will offer daily masses led by Disney-approved worship leaders. At these masses, guests will get to share their love of Disney and sing along to Disney songs. This will help them deepen their love of Mickey Mouse and all things Disney through a variety of rituals. Even though the name is Mickey Mouse Worship Center, they will focus on the entire Disney company, not just Mickey.

On top of that, there will be private worship sessions. There, you can go and express your gratitude to Mickey Mouse himself. These private sessions can be booked using Lightning Lane or through waiting in line. This will be a very personalized experience with Mickey Mouse himself. It’s meant to help people deepen their relationship with the mouse that they love so much. Also, guests will be able to go to Disney Confession and express any sins, for example, visiting Universal Studios. The good news is this experience is free unless you pay for the Lightning Lane much like Disney Starbucks.

Additional Details on Disney World’s Worship Center

There is no expected opening date for the new Mickey Mouse Worship Center, however, so far Disney fans are excited. According to an internal source, the Mickey Mouse Worship Center is going to be marvelous. It will be one of the most impressive worship centers ever built in the world. Given this, they expect construction to take quite a few years, much like the Tron Lightcycle coaster. 

New Mickey Mouse Worship Center location
New Mickey Mouse Worship Center location. Map via Google

Non-Disney fans are already mocking those excited about this Disney worship center. They are making fun of them for being so excited by a fictional character. In fact, they think it’s silly that people will congregate together, singing Disney songs, and praising a massive American corporation. Because of this, here is a lot of tension around this decision by Disney as we are already seeing it at full scale from initial reactions.

What’s interesting about Disney’s new worship center is that it will be free to attend. We are seeing Disney add so many paid experiences. Everything they do now seems to cost money. So it comes as a surprise that this is free. However, this appears to be a marketing expense. They will build this massive worship center to increase the devotion to the brand, which seems to be eroding so quickly.

What do you think of the Mickey Mouse Worship Center? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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