New Disney World Pay-to-Pee VIPee Bathrooms

Disney is all about service and a top-notch guest experience. Every detail is carefully crafted in the grand scheme of a larger story. The bathrooms are no exception. Disney takes the time to theme their bathrooms to continue with the immersion. Soon, Disney will offer a paid bathroom experience called Pay-to-Pee VIPee Bathrooms.

New VIPee Pay-to-Pee Bathroom Experience Coming to Disney World
New VIPee Pay-to-Pee bathroom experience coming to Disney World

They continue to find ways to offer guests more unique experiences. From zip-lining from Cinderella Castle, which we reported on here. Or even our story here on bungee jumping on The Tower of Terror. Disney wants their guests to have a memorable experience. Sometimes they cost extra, but they are worth it. That’s where the new Pay-to-Pee VIPee bathrooms come in.

What is a Pay-to-Pee VIPee Bathroom?

Disney will now make guests pay to use their bathrooms. Before you freak out, this doesn’t ply to all bathrooms. Disney is offering this new experience, which applies only to select bathrooms within the parks. While you might be wondering why you would pay to go to the bathroom, once you hear the benefits, you will be hooked.

Disney's new paid bathroom experience in My Disney Experience App
Disney’s new paid bathroom experience in My Disney Experience App

Within each of the 4 Walt Disney World parks, there will be 2 or 3 VIPee bathrooms. To use these bathrooms, it will be $5 per guest per day. You can pay for this through the My Disney Experience app, much like Genie+ or Lightning Lane. This grants you access to the VIPee bathrooms all day long, you just need to scan your MagicBand at the entrance to the bathroom to use it. However, the downside is there will now be fewer bathrooms in Disney World for the general public.

The Pay-to-Pee bathrooms will be located across the parks. Here is a quick guide to where they will be. Magic Kingdom will have 3 VIPee bathrooms. They will be located on Main Street USA near the new Dentist Office, Tomorrowland, and Frontierland. In Hollywood Studios, there will be one in Star Wars Land and the other near The Tower of Terror. EPCOT will have a VIPee bathroom by Spaceship Earth, one by China, and the other by the UK pavilion. Lastly, in Animal Kingdom, there will be one by Dinosaur and one by Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Why Would I Pay to Use The Restroom at Disney World When I Can go for Free?

The VIPee Pay-to-Pee bathrooms have some serious benefits. First off, Disney will limit the number of people who can get VIPee passes for the day. They guarantee the bathrooms will not have a line. If they do, Disney will refund you. They will also have an enhanced atmosphere on the inside while staying true to the theme of the bathroom.

VIPee bathroom experience will make Disney World bathrooms more luxurious
VIPee bathroom experience will make Disney World bathrooms more luxurious

The VIPee bathrooms will come stocked with deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and snacks. Some of the snacks included are cookies, Mickey Mouse Gummy Bears, and small bags of popcorn. This allows guests to have a nice relaxing bathroom stop on a frantic and hectic day at the parks. The VIPee restrooms will also have couches and chairs to relax in as well. Now you can go to the bathroom, freshen up, and have a quick snack during your Disney Park day.

Ultimately it’s your own choice if you want to pay to use the restrooms at Disney World. However, the new VIPee program offers a lot of amazing benefits and is only $5 per person! The free snacks and ability to freshen up seem worth it.

What do you think of paying to use the bathrooms at Disney World with the new VIPee program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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