New Free Fall Water Ride Coming to Disney World?

Disney testing new free fall water ride

Each year Disney rides get more creative, groundbreaking, and extreme. They started out with simple rides like it’s a small world. Over time, rides became more complex, like Rise of the Resistance for example. In fact, that ride cost between $200 to $450 million to build. Disney even filed a patent for a roller coaster that jumps the track, which we reported on here. Now, there is a new extreme ride being tested for Disney World, a free fall water ride!

Disney Patent for roller coaster that jumps track
Disney roller coaster that jumps track would be extreme. Photo via RocketJump YouTube

If you thought Disney’s patent for a roller coaster that jumps off the track was extreme, wait until you see the new free fall water ride they are testing. If you want to see video clips of this in action, make sure you follow us on TikTok and Instagram, which has videos for all of our news stories, including this one. This new free fall water ride has guests both excited and terrified at the same time. Let’s break down this new ride and the most likely theme for it.

New Free Fall Water Ride at Disney World?

Recently, Disney was seen testing the mechanics of a potential new free fall water ride off-site. What exactly is a free fall water ride? This is a ride where at some point, the ride vehicle separates from the tracks and falls straight down. The ride is put in the hands of gravity, the wind, and God. This is different from the Tower of Terror. The Tower of Terror has a free fall action, but is on a track and always controlled by a computer. However, with this water ride, at one point there are no computers, tracks, or guides, just a straight fall.

Disney testing new free fall water ride
Disney testing a new free fall water ride. Photo via

What is the benefit of a free fall water ride? The simple answer is the thrill of it. If you visit our TikTok and Instagram, you will see a video of it in action. Clearly, it looks like a thrilling and exciting ride. This combines the thrill of the free fall from the tower of terror, with the excitement of knowing there is no track guidance. Then of course comes the splashdown, which is an exciting moment in itself. However, it’s not clear if guests would get wet on the splash down like they do on Splash Mountain for example.

So far this new free fall water ride has guests divided. Many are saying it looks like one of the best thrill rides ever. However, on the other hand, many guests are terrified of the idea that the car would be free falling with no track at all and things could “go off the rails” fast. People shared similar sentiments when it came to the roller coaster that jumps the track. In fact, the idea of a trackless theme park ride is frightening to many people.

Titanic Themed Free Fall Water Ride?

Many people are speculating what this new free fall water ride might be themed around. According to an internal source, Disney is actively considering Titanic as the theme and story for the ride. Guests would follow the story of Jack and Rose on the Titanic. It would be an epic, action-packed romance set on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic. Of course, the peak of the ride would be hitting the iceberg, which is where the free fall part of the ride comes into play.

Disney free fall water ride may be themed to the Titanic
Disney’s free fall water ride may be themed to the Titanic. Photo via Titanic

This theme and storyline make sense for the ride. Disney actually owns the Titanic movie. This is because it’s a 20th Century Fox movie, which came to Disney when they acquired Fox in 2019. In fact, Titanic is available on Disney+. If this ride comes to fruition, our source suggested it would be located in Hollywood Studios. It may replace Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, or be located elsewhere. This is of course the most logical location because the Titanic is a huge Hollywood movie.

There is no set timeline for a ride of this magnitude to open. However, our source is hoping for a 2027 opening date. That would be the 30th anniversary of the Titanic movie, released on December 19, 1997. This story is of course very timely, with all of the news surrounding the OceanGate catastrophe.

What do you think of a Titanic free fall water ride coming to Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 months ago

Payed $250,000 to test it and if you’re looking for a new experience to get lost in then this might be perfect for you thrill seekers.

10 months ago

This cannot be real…. Like the Titanic sun implosion just happened. First it became a meme trend on the internet, it effected the gaming community in the most messed up way possible, then TikTok made a filter about the submarine, and now this?!!

10 months ago

Clearly a test emergency lift boat for a cruise ship (of which, Disney own many). Get better in your reporting or get out

Bob thunk
Bob thunk
8 months ago

Go away mouse trap news your just a bunch of no good lies trying to trick people. FAKE NEWS