NEW Tasting Experience For Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

New tasting experience coming to Tiana's Bayou Adventure
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Disney is well-known for adding unique elements to their rides. For example, the roller coaster that is set to jump the track, which we reported here. Also, our story here about the ASMR experience coming to Journey into Imagination with Figment. Now, the first-ever tasting experience on a thrill ride was just announced for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

New tasting experience coming to Tiana's Bayou Adventure
New tasting experience coming to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Disney is known for their strong appeal to your senses. Smells are a staple at Disney. In fact, our friends at Magic Candle Company recreate Disney smells for you to own! You can save 15% on their site here if you use our code MOUSETRAPNEWS when getting your favorite Disney smells. Disney also captures you with music. In fact, we’re listening to the Splash Mountain queue music as we type this. Of course, they also appeal to sight. However, the appeal to smell and taste is lacking. But soon Disney will appeal to your taste with the newest experience just announced.

First-Ever Tasting Experience on a Ride

Have you ever wanted to indulge in food on a Disney ride in order to further immerse yourself in the ride? No, eating the Goldfish you packed doesn’t count. Disney knows that this is a want for many guests and they are finally adding a tasting experience to one of their rides. Fittingly, it will be added to the ride that is set to open next, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure is all about Tiana's Food
Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is all about Tiana’s Food. Photo via Disney

As a reminder, Splash Mountain recently closed, to the disappointment of tens of millions of people. Luckily, Universal Studios acquired the rights and will rebuild the ride there, which we reported on here. So far, everything about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has been a disappointment. The exterior looks nothing like the concept art and the story seems to be lacking. Now, Disney is attempting to make up for that with the new tasting experience.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be the first-ever attraction with a tasting experience on board. Guests will be able to eat food while on the ride. The food is meant to further immerse you in the experience of the ride, much like the smells and sounds already do. This fits as the ride is all about Tiana’s food. According to Disney’s website, “Tiana’s Foods is where Tiana and her colleagues create all sorts of new products that they are bringing to the world, including a line of original hot sauces.” This is where the tasting experience comes into play.

What is the Tasting Experience on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure?

The newly announced tasting experience on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will have riders enjoying various foods during the ride. The foods range from vegetables to beignets to most importantly, hot sauce. Throughout the ride, various Tiana animatronics will encourage guests to try foods along with her. For example, she might say, “Alright everyone, now take a bite of that delicious beignet. What do you think?” At that point, guests will eat the beignet off their plate. This experience is meant to help people experience a Disney ride through their sense of taste. 

Tiana animatronic will tell guests when to eat during the ride
Tiana animatronic will tell guests when to eat during the ride. Concept art via Disney

However, like anything at Disney, this comes at a cost. It will cost you $15 per plate if you want to try the newly announced tasting experience. If you’re willing to pay, Disney will provide you with a plate full of food prior to boarding the ride. Each food should be eaten during a different part of the ride, on Tiana’s cue. While $15 seems like a lot, it is well in line with the cost of Food and Wine plates in EPCOT.

This is a great opportunity for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Disney is able to generate additional revenue and guests get to have a brand new, never-before-seen experience on a thrill ride. This truly sounds like a unique experience that most guests will do at least once. It’s a seamless fit for the ride that is sure to enhance the ride for those who choose the food experience option.

What do you think of the new tasting experience coming to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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