Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Being Rethemed to Encanto

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to be rethemed to Encanto ride

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom. The ride opened in 2014 and continues to drive some of the highest wait times at Disney World. The ride features a unique blend of classic Disney storytelling and cutting-edge technology, taking guests on a thrilling journey through the Seven Dwarfs’ diamond mine. Despite the massive popularity, Disney will be retheming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to Encanto.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to be rethemed to Encanto ride
Initial concept art for new Encanto ride, replacing Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This Disney announcement comes as a surprise and a shock for many. In fact, Seven Dwarf Mine Train has on average the longest wait time of all rides in Magic Kingdom as seen here. Despite this, Disney will close Seven Dwarfs Mine Train this September in order to make way for a newly imagined attraction. The new Encanto roller coaster will be fittingly named, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”.

Why Is Encanto Replacing Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

The decision to replace Seven Dwarfs Mine Train makes a lot of sense when you focus on the opportunity, not a problem. Ultimately, Encanto is one of Disney’s most successful films. It grossed $265 million at the worldwide box office. In fact, it was 2021’s highest-grossing animated film before Sing 2 surpassed it.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train closing to make way for Encanto ride
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train closing to make way for the new Encanto ride

Ever since its debut, Disney has leaned into Encanto heavily with merchandise from the movie. However, there so far has been little push to incorporate Encanto into their world-class theme parks. Disney is changing that by giving the movie its own attraction in Fantasyland. We recently saw something similar with Coco taking over part of the Haunted Mansion, which we reported on here

Despite Seven Dwarfs Mine Train being the most popular attraction in Magic Kingdom, Disney is closing the ride. However, the upside of retheming the attraction to Encanto far outweighs the year or two closure for the ride. This is especially true given Disney’s plans to roll out Encanto 2 as well as an Encanto series on Disney+ in the next few years. This retheme goes hand in hand with the addition of the Town of Duloc from Shrek coming to Fantasyland as we reported here.

What Will The New Encanto Ride Be Like?

The new Encanto ride, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, will focus on the magical powers of the Madrigal family. Guests join Mirabel on a journey through the family’s magical home. The ride will showcase the different powers of the Madrigal family while you twist and turn on a thrilling adventure. With this new storytelling experience, guests will feel like they’re part of the Encanto world. It’s a great way to bring the movie alive.

New We Don't Talk About Bruno Disney World ride poster
New We Don’t Talk About Bruno Disney World ride poster

On top of that, this new ride will feature the hit song from Encanto, We Don’t Talk About Bruno. This of course makes sense, as that’s the name of the ride. The new Encanto roller coaster will just be a retheme of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This means that the roller coaster track will remain the same. However, the scenery and animatronics will change to fit the theme and movie of Encanto. This is similar to how Disney is retheming Pirates of The Caribbean to Splash Mountain, which we reported on here.

While the closure of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is disappointing, Disney is putting their chips on the table and know this will make for a better and more relevant ride. What do you think of Disney retheming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to Encanto? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 year ago

I heard the mine part of the ride is gonna be changed into Bruno’s hideaway.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ashley
11 months ago

Is this true or fake can you tell me where you got this info

Michael Gray
1 year ago

I think this is a crazy decision. Why not close Alice In Wonderland or another attraction instead? Snow White is Walt Disney’s first classic, full-length cartoon. It should continue to be honored.