Shrek Town of Duloc is Coming to Disney World Fantasyland

New Shrek trackless ride coming to disney world fantasyland

Shrek is one of the greatest movies ever made. Anyone who disagrees either hasn’t seen it or is in denial (or maybe in da Nile). Shrek continues to be a fan favorite and is one of the most streamed movies year round. Disney will continue to bring the joy of Shrek into our lives by adding the town of Duloc to Disney World Fantasyland.

Town of Duloc coming to Disney World Fantasyland
Town of Duloc coming to Disney World Fantasyland. Photo via Shrek

Shrek at Disney World seems odd to many. For those not aware, Shrek was previously owned by Universal. That’s why Universal Studios had Shrek 4-D as well as a Shrek and Donkey meet and greet at the theme park. However, we recently reported here that Disney will be replacing Mickey’s Philharmagic with Shrek 4-D.

Initially when we reported that story it was not evident how or why Disney would add a Shrek attraction to their park. That begs the question, who owns Shrek? We just reported the other day that Shrek is now owned by Disney! You can read about that here. This is a big bet for Disney and one that will likely pay off. As stated above, Shrek continues to be one of the most popular films of all time. It’s the perfect combination of the funny characters and the great storyline that appeals to both adults and kids. Shrek is a winner.

Shrek Land Town of Duloc at Disney World Fantasy land
Ye Olde Shoppe will be a store in Town of Duloc at Fantasyland. Photo via Shrek

Quickly following the huge announcement that Disney acquired Shrek came news focused around Disney World. The Town of Duloc will be built as an expansion to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. It will take on the look of the quaint village from the original Shrek movie. This will be an immersive expansion with rides, restaurants, and amazing theming.

What Will The Town of Duloc Look Like at Disney World?

Thanks to an internal source, we have an early preview of what the Town of Duloc in Fantasyland will look like. First off, much like in the movie, guests will enter Duloc through turnstiles. Right at the entrance will be the famous information stand. When someone pulls the lever, with their hands  (not their teeth) it will play the Welcome to Duloc song. It will be a real life recreation of the scene from the movie! It will even take a picture of the guests at the end and can be scanned to your My Disney Experience app using Photopass. 

Photopass Opportunity at Disney World Welcome to Duloc
Photopass Opportunity at Disney World Welcome to Duloc. Photo via Shrek

There will also be a Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe, which is seen in Shrek when they are in Duloc. It will sell Duloc and Shrek merchandise as well as normal Disney merchandise. Guests will also be able to enjoy a meal in Duloc. However, the details on the restaurant in Duloc are not yet known. There will also be meet and greets with Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Lord Farquaad, and more. And what would be a land in Disney without a hit attraction. 

Disney will add a brand new Shrek ride. The ride is still to be named. The general premise is guests will experience the original Shrek movie in a 5 minute long trackless roller coaster type ride. The ride will be similar to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Rise of the Resistance, and even the new Polar Express: Off The Rails ride, which we reported on here.

The new Duloc ride will be exhilarating, yet family friendly. There will be some intense moments, including Dragon blowing real fire. Guests will also be caught in the middle of the fight scene in Duloc Castle, being washed away by beer. Also, the ride will feature some of the best songs from the original Shrek movie. This will be an amazingly themed ride and be a lot of fun.

New Shrek trackless ride coming to disney world fantasyland
First look at Shrek Ride coming to Fanstasyland. Photo via @SoCal360 Twitter

The Town of Duloc, or Shrekland as most people will likely call it, will be built in the back of Fantasyland. It will be behind Under The Sea Journey of The Little Mermaid and Be Our Guest Restaurant. The entrance to Duloc, with the turnstiles, will be between Under The Sea and Big Top Souvenirs. As you can see on the map, there is plenty of land to build Duloc.

New Fantasyland Town of Duloc at Disney World
Map of Magic Kingdom showing Town of Duloc location

It feels weird that Disney will be putting Shrek 4-D where Mickey’s PhilharMagic is. However, given the new update with Disney buying the rights to Shrek, it’s likely they will move Shrek 4-D to The Town of Duloc. This means Mickey’s PhilharMagic may not be closed forever! We will keep you posted on that news as we have more information.

Duloc Castle will be the home to a new Shrek ride at Disney World
Duloc Castle will be the home to the new Shrek ride at Disney World. Photo via Shrek

There’s no set date of Duloc opening. After all, the acquisition of Shrek was just announced. We expect Disney to break ground on this new project in 2023. They likely won’t complete it until 2026 at the earliest. If they can’t build a rollercoaster that already exists in Shanghai Disneyland in 3 years, can they build a brand new land in Magic Kingdom in 3 years? Yes, we are talking about the Tron Lightcycle Coaster, which may never open.

What do you think of Shrek’s Town of Duloc coming to Magic Kingdom? Are you as excited as we are! Let us know in the comments below!

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