Spaceship Earth to Become Star Wars Roller Coaster Ride

Spaceship Earth to become Star Wars Roller Coaster Ride

EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It’s known for its forward-thinking ideas and is a beacon of light for the future. Disney is always looking for new ways to make EPCOT stand out. World Showcase helps, but the rides are lacking. Because of this, Disney announced Spaceship Earth will close and be home to a new Star Wars roller coaster ride.

Spaceship Earth to become Star Wars Roller Coaster Ride
Star Wars Death Star EPCOT ride concept art. Photo via Adam McCabe

For those who have been to EPCOT recently, you know the attractions are not the main pull for the park. People want to drink around the world, experience the food (despite the standardized food menus coming), and learn about different cultures. The rides at EPCOT are secondary to most guests due to their disappointing nature. Disney sees an opportunity to enhance the rides at EPCOT, which is why we will soon see a Star Wars ride in Future World!

Why is Disney Replacing Spaceship Earth with Star Wars?

Right now, the ride experience at EPCOT is lacking. However, the announcement of Living With the Land becoming a lazy river ride as we reported here is at least somewhat exciting. Aside from that, there isn’t much noteworthy for attractions. Frozen Ever After is a lame version of Maelstrom. Test Track 2.0 should be called Test Track 2.No because it’s such a disappointment. Lastly, Soarin’ Around The World did a great job ruining an amazing ride. At least Guardians of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind is well done.

Star Wars Death Star roller coaster queue concept art
An initial look at Star Wars Death Star roller coaster queue concept art. Photo via Melodic Guitar Covers Youtube

All statements above are facts, not opinions about the current rides in EPCOT. As you can see, they need something fresh and new in the park. So far, their rethemes have been a bust at EPCOT, however, Disney is trying again with the new Star Wars ride replacing Spaceship Earth. Most guests find Spaceship Earth boring and Disney knows that. They will close Spaceship Earth to make way for a more fun and much-needed update, with Star Wars as the theme.

As we reported here, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is closing soon. However, Disney believes in Star Wars, which is why they are moving it to EPCOT. This is a win-win for Disney. Hollywood Studios will be better off with the closure and EPCOT will be better off with the addition of a new Star Wars ride!

What Will the New Star Wars Ride at EPCOT be?

Star Wars: Death Star Battle will be a thrilling, high-speed roller coaster-type ride in the dark. Guests will load into a roller coaster car and go on a journey to save the galaxy inside the Death Star. The roller coaster will have two magnetic launch sequences, propelling guests at 70 miles per hour. This will make it the fastest ride at Disney World, beating out Test Track. It will also go upside down multiple times.

More Star Wars Death Star roller coaster concept art
More Star Wars Death Star roller coaster concept art. Photo via Melodic Guitar Covers Youtube

Death Star Battle will be built inside the existing Spaceship Earth structure. Have no fear, the giant ball in EPCOT isn’t going anywhere like Cinderella Castle getting demolished. Disney however will gut the inside of Spaceship Earth and build a brand new roller coaster that twists, turns, and loops inside the giant ball. It will truly be an amazing roller coaster based on the initial details.

While few details have been announced on this new ride, we do have a few images of concept art already as seen throughout the article. Disney is truly going to make this a thrilling adventure for Star Wars fans. It will certainly be a challenge to build as Disney is working in a tight, predefined Space.

When Will Star Wars Death Star Battle Open?

There is no permanent closing date for Spaceship Earth yet, however, we expect that to be announced within the next few weeks. Once it closes, we expect construction to take multiple years to be completed. Don’t expect these new EPCOT Star Wars ride to be open until at least 2026, potentially later.

Star Wars Death Star Battle will be the fastest roller coaster at Disney
Star Wars Death Star will be the fastest roller coaster at Disney. Photo via Melodic Guitar Covers Youtube

While this seems far off, for a project as complex as this new roller coaster, that is pretty good timing. In fact, Cosmic Rewind took 5 years to build. Also, Tron Lightcycle took 5 years as well. We will be thoroughly impressed if this new Star Wars roller coaster can be built in 3 years.

What do you think of Disney’s new Star Wars Death Star Battle roller coaster coming to EPCOT? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 year ago

Horrible idea

1 year ago

What a load of bull. Someone’s April fool joke has been published too early.

1 year ago

Nope. Too old for a roller coaster. Give me a nice slow easy ride.

1 year ago

I am totally disappointed that Spaceship Earth will be changed. As a Disney fanatic, I am very disappointed to see the backbone of Disney being destroyed over and over again. While a Star Wars roller coaster is a great idea for an upgrade but not at the expense of what Disney park fans are always expecting and anxious to see when they travel there. Current Disney management have destroyed Walt’s legacy to the point where he would roll over in his grave. Some things should just not be changed, that’s what Disney is all about. My family has been very disappointed from the changes as recent as a trip last year. Management should rethink anymore plans back to Walt’s dream. Prices are out of control and services have extra charges and have declined. Shame on you. Families can no longer afford to take a Disney vacation which is prohibitive to travel to the happiest place on earth.