Disney Can Control The Rain, Here’s What we Know

Disney can control the weather

Going to Disney World when it rains can ruin your shoes, but it shouldn’t ruin your trip. There are many benefits to it raining at Disney World. First off, it clears the parks, making wait times shorter. Also, it helps cool down the hot air, especially now that Disney is turning off all air conditioning. However, we just learned that Disney does have the ability to control the rain in their theme parks.

Disney has the ability to control the rain, and sometimes does
Disney has the ability to control the rain and sometimes does. Photo via Fox 35 Orlando

Whether or not Disney can control the weather has long been speculated. Many guests think that Disney can, but were always told that it wasn’t possible. However, there have always been a few who stuck to their guns and knew Disney can control the weather despite their lies. That’s where we come in. We did some uncovering to figure out how Disney can control the weather and when they do.

How Disney Can Control The Rain?

We recently reported here about Disney World building a dome to cover their theme parks. This of course is meant to stop all rain all the time at Disney World. In fact, this is a 5-year, $2 billion project. However, Disney can already control the weather, within reason. We saw them attempt this with the anti-hurricane system, but Hurricane Ian still destroyed the EPCOT ball. So how does Disney control the weather?

Concept art for Disney World anti-rain dome
Concept art for Disney World anti-rain dome

We sat down with a top scientist who works for Disney. They said that Disney is able to control the weather by emitting microwaves. While this sounds dangerous, they mentioned that the radiation emitted is probably not strong enough to harm humans. In fact, they tested it on rats and mice for years prior to implementing the system. Essentially, the radiation is able to kill off raindrops as they fall toward Earth.

Disney has small microwave emitters perched atop many of their buildings. These are not visible to guests. They point towards the sky and emit radiation. Disney can turn them on when the rain is falling and it does a great job of stopping it in place. The scientist confirmed that it acts a lot like a microwave inside your house. However, there are limits on how much they can use it and when, which we will get to.

When Does Disney Control The Rain?

If Disney can control the rain, why don’t they do it? That is a common question that comes up when this topic is being discussed. What people don’t realize is Disney does sometimes control the rain. Have you ever been to Disney World, and seen rain clouds coming in, but it never rains? Coincidence? I think not. It doesn’t rain because Disney is controlling the rain with their microwave radiation system.

Disney can control the weather
Disney can control the weather, but only in a limited capacity using microwaves

But it still rains at Disney World a lot? That of course is the natural follow-up question. However, our expert scientist has an answer. They told us that while Disney can control the rain, there are limitations. First off, it requires a ton of power to emit microwaves strong enough to stop the rain. They use solar power, so they can claim it’s environmentally friendly. So that right there limits how much Disney can actually control the rain.

The other element preventing Disney from controlling the rain more is the obvious environmental impact. Disney World does need rain. It helps the flowers grow and even can cool the park off. Our scientist notes that even if Disney could stop the rain every day, they wouldn’t. They still need rain in the parks to maintain a controlled environment. It’s amazing, this technology is groundbreaking and has been sitting under our noses the entire time.

What do you think of Disney being able to control the rain? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Kat Fischer
Kat Fischer
9 months ago

Follow the monkey and all their intentions become clear. Can’t trust the corporates. This is becoming insane.