Disney Cast Members No Longer Get Free Disney Park Tickets

Being a Disney World cast member comes with many perks and benefits. Not only do they create magic for their guests, they also get discounts on Disney dining, hotels, merchandise, and more. On top of that, there are plenty of other benefits, with the biggest one being free tickets to Disney World. That’s right, Disney World cast members can go to the parks for free. However, that is changing with the announcement that Disney Cast Members will no longer get free park tickets to Disney World.

Disney cast members no longer get free Disney World park tickets
Disney cast members no longer get free Disney World park tickets

Disney values their cast members deeply, which is why they pay them $15 per hour. Some may argue that isn’t a lot, but it does come with those great benefits we mentioned above and more. In fact, Disney sees the magic they create as an intangible benefit of working for them. Could some of Bob Iger’s $27 million annual salary go to the cast members in the parks? Sure, but he maybe deserves that much each year. Well, Disney World cast members may no longer get free tickets to Disney World, instead they will get free tickets to Universal Studios.

Why Disney World Cast Members Will No Longer Get Park Tickets

The decision to no longer give Disney World cast members free tickets to the parks stems from an overcrowding issue. As we have noted in past articles, Disney World is way too busy. There is far more demand than there is supply. When it takes 5 years to build a roller coaster that already exists in another Disney park, you know there are problems. Yes, we are talking about Tron Lightcycle. Which begs the question, how long will it take Disney to build the 5th theme park that we just reported on here?

Busy crowds force Disney to remove park tickets as cast member benefit
Busy crowds force Disney to remove park tickets as cast member benefit

We know Disney is actively looking at ways to control crowds. For example, the mind controlling patent they filed for as we reported here. Also, the Disney exam that you must pass to buy park tickets. However, Disney is still looking for more ways to reduce crowd levels. They have resorted to removing access to the parks for cast members. It’s worth noting that cast members aren’t banned from Disney World, however, they now need to buy park tickets like everyone else in the park. Of course if they donate a kidney, they can get a free annual pass as we reported here.

This is one of the best perks of working at Disney World and they are pulling the rug out from cast members with this change. However, it makes sense. On any given day, 35% of the guests are cast members. Now many cast members are taking to social media to complain about this, however, Disney is still giving them free park tickets, but in this case they are for Universal Studios. Disney is sending their employees to their biggest competitor.

Disney Cast Members Get Free Universal Studios Tickets

In a surprising turn of events, all Disney cast members will get free tickets to Universal Studios. The tickets will operate much like they do now for Disney World. There will be some blockout dates, but it will essentially be an annual pass to Universal Studios. This is certainly odd to send your workers to the competitor, but from a business standpoint it makes quite a bit of sense.

Disney cast members now get Universal Annual passes
Disney cast members now get Universal Annual passes

Disney will lessen the number of employees enjoying their parks as guests for free. This allows them to get more paying customers into their parks. According to an internal source, the financial analysis shows that paying for annual passes to Universal Studios for their cast members is less than what they will generate from more paying guests visiting Disney World. After extreme financial analysis, Disney found that the numbers work strongly in their favor.

On top of that, they don’t expect many of their cast members to go to Universal Studios, because why would they? It’s Universal Studios. So Universal will make some additional revenue from Disney buying lots of Annual Passes. However, they won’t make a ton from the cast members spending money in the parks. All of these financial factors played into Disney’s decision and they determined it works out in their favor to make this drastic change.

What do you think of Disney World cast members getting an annual pass to Universal Studios instead of Disney World? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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